Southern Charm: One Quote From Each Cast Member That Perfectly Sums Up Their Personality

Thanks to the strong personalities of its cast members, Southern Charm is easy to quote. Over 7 seasons, the cast has fought, had sophisticated dinner parties that turned into tense and awkward evenings, and seen their friendships change, all while living in the beautiful city of Charleston. Everyone has a lot of opinions and they aren't afraid to share them, which makes for some quoteable moments.

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Whether Craig is talking about his favorite hobby or Patricia is chatting about cocktails, the cast of Southern Charm always has something compelling and memorable to say, and sometimes their quotes tell viewers who they are.

10 Shep Rose: "I need to wake up in the morning and give myself a high five."

Shep has been on Southern Charm since day one and really embodies the vibe and tone of the reality show. He's a fun-loving person always up for parties and get-togethers, and while he hasn't held a traditional job while filming the series, he does thrive on having a good time with his friends.

Shep's quote explains who he is as he's definitely the most confident and secure cast member. He loves his lifestyle and is proud of the social life that he has built for himself in Charleston. No matter what Shep is dealing with, whether he's handling some health problems or finally committing to a serious relationship, fans see the same loveable, charming person.

9 Patricia Altschul: "Every day at 5 p.m., I require a perfect martini. I don't care if he's a serial killer, as long as he can make a good martini."

Patricia's statements are always the best Southern Charm quotes, especially when she's talking about making delicious cocktails.

This line from Patricia is exactly what she's like: strong-willed with a sharp sense of humor. While most people wouldn't joke about well-made martinis and serial killers in the same breath, it somehow works perfectly when Patricia makes this comparison. She has a dry wit and she can't help but stir the pot, even though she's elegant and always perfectly dressed. Fans enjoy watching Patricia live in her fabulous mansion and it's fair to say that Michael, her kind butler, always knows how to make an incredible martini.

8 Cameran Eubanks: "I'll be known as the girl with the d*mn fart machine."

For 6 seasons, Cameran tried to advise Shep and Craig on how to live their lives better, and she also wondered if she wanted to have a baby. Cam was always logical, reasonable, and intelligent while also being funny and relatable. She was definitely a perfect addition to this cast.

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Cam's quote sums up her personality because she isn't afraid to laugh, have fun, or be self-deprecating. She got along so well with the others on the reality series because she could have some drinks with them and joke around. It was always nice watching Cam let loose and have a good time.

7 Craig Conover: "I started making these pillows. I have 20 pillow designs made... I love doing it."

Craig said this quote when talking to Cam in a season 5 scene. After wondering if Craig would pass the bar or become a lawyer, fans learned that he had a passion for making pillows.

Viewers have heard Craig talk about his biggest hobby, which is sewing, and when he mentioned how invested he was in pillow making, this marked a huge change in his career. Craig has a business called Sewing Down South and creating beautiful pillows is something that he truly enjoys doing.

6 Whitney Sudler-Smith: "I've lived all over the world. I'm an artist... Decided to take a break from all the all the madness, come to Charleston, clear my head... and yes, I live with my mother."

While Southern Charm has dramatic scenes in every episode, Whitney sometimes stays out of the most intense moments, and he has a very elegant and sophisticated vibe.

In the pilot episode, Whitney explained to viewers that he was a filmmaker who released a movie that received both positive and negative reviews, and he talked about wanting to live a quieter life in Charleston. Whitney let people know exactly who he is, and he also shared that he's close with his mom Patricia. Fans love seeing the two cast members chatting about everything under the sun.

5 Leva Bonaparte: "We are restauranters. We're a little well-known."

Fans were introduced to Leva in season 7 and she shared that she and her husband Lamar run several restaurants in Charleston: 1st Place, Bourbon N'Bubbles, Republic Garden & Lounge, and Mesu.

In the second episode of season 7, Leva explained to viewers that she and her husband worked together, and she smiled while saying that they are "a little well-known." Leva was immediately likable as she was honest, strong, and intelligent throughout the whole season and it was nice to see how confident and proud she is.

4 Kathryn Dennis: "These people have been coming for me the last three years of my life."

Of the most and least likable Southern Charm cast members, Kathryn has been followed around by controversy since her first appearance.

Kathryn is known for fighting and not being able to get along with the others in the cast, and when Thomas threw a dinner party in season 3 that turned very tense, Kathryn said that she felt her co-stars had treated her unfairly for a long time. Viewers expected to hear this statement from Kathryn as she often found it hard to apologize and sometimes made arguments worse when she tried to explain herself.

3 Landon Clements: "I knew that this wasn't going to turn into some like 'The Notebook' moment where we were making out in the rain..."

In season 3, Landon told Shep that she saw him as more than a friend, and after she shared her feelings, she was curious if he felt the same way. But instead of this being a sweet moment that started a relationship, things got a little awkward. Shep said that he didn't see Landon as a potential romantic interest, and the conversation ended there.

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Landon shared her thoughts on the moment when talking to the camera, and this statement was totally Landon. The former Southern Charm cast member is sweet, friendly, and a hopeless romantic, and she explained that she was realistic about her love confession but still wondered if something would happen between her and Shep.

2 Austen Kroll: "You looked at me and you go, 'You don't have enough money for her, bro' -- words outta your mouth!"

There have been several memorable Southern Charm scenes and many of them involve Madison and Austen's dramatic relationship. But in this case, Austen said something to Shep that helped fans learn more about him and understand his personality.

Austen and Shep have a super close friendship, but they have also fought over their love lives, and Austen didn't feel like Shep had his back or was being very nice and respectful of him. No matter what's going on with these two cast members, Austen is never scared of telling Shep that he's out of line or upsetting him.

1 Madison LeCroy: "You go to the bar with Craig and you guys go out all night and have people over..."

When Austen shared with Madison that he tested positive for COVID-19 in season 7, Madison was upset but not totally shocked given Austen's partying. Over a video chat, Madison shared her feelings with Austen and let him know that he had disappointed her and she was also scared that she and her child were at risk of getting sick.

Madison never held back when mad or upset with Austen, and she has a strong, tough personality that was on full display during this conversation. She's a devoted parent and business owner and just wanted Austen to be responsible and on the same page as her about being in a serious relationship.

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