Selling Sunset: Christine Quinn Shades Chrishell & Jason’s Romance

The dramatic Selling Sunset star Christine Quinn is not the biggest fan of Chrishell Stause and Jason Oppenheim's new romantic relationship. The outspoken real estate agent is no stranger to stirring things up in the office and on social media with her unfiltered personality. It was only a matter of time for the budding relationship to get Christine's signature acerbic treatment.

Jason Oppenheim, the owner of the brokerage, spent most of the three seasons attempting to quell the drama amongst his employees. Now Jason is the one stirring up drama with his relationship with Christine's feuding partner Chrishell, who just so happens to be one of his employees. As most fans of the show know, Christine and Chrishell have not gotten along on the show, and things really got heated after Chrishell's highly publicized divorce came to light. Christine and castmate Davina Potratz speculated about the split, and Chrishell found out they discussed wanting to hear both sides of the story, insinuating they didn't believe Chrishell's side.

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Christine does not seem to think Chrishell and Jason's relationship is anything special. Speaking to Grazia, she gives her signature cool take on the hot new romance. When asked if she thinks their relationship is genuine, she responds, "I don't know to be honest with you." Her lack of confidence in the workplace romance may have something to do with Chrishell being "a tough cookie." Christine continues, "I mean, honestly, Jason has always had really good taste in women," snidely adding, "but things change, I guess."

When it comes to Jason, she has nothing but kind words to say. Christine admits that Chrishell and Jason's relationship, which she previously labeled professional, has changed her friend in a positive way. She says that she definitely sees a different side of Jason that is loving and sweet. She went on to say he has baby fever because he is always wanting to hold her baby in the office. And regardless of her feelings towards Chrishell, she gave Jason a kinder reception, saying they are still very close and dear friends, so she is just happy for him in his new relationship.

There seems to be no shortage of drama surrounding the workplace romance and no stopping Christine from fanning the flames. From feuds to romances to changes in brokerage staff, fans can anticipate a very juicy Selling Sunset season 4. While they wait for production to resume filming after a COVID-19 scare, there will undoubtedly be more hot takes and stirred pots from everyone's favorite candid real estate agent Christine.

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