Sandman: 10 Live-Action DCEU Characters That Would Fit Into The Show

Neil Gaiman's Sandman is heading to Netflix, and fans are already wondering what kind of connection it could have to the rest of the multiverse. Although it's likely that, just like the initial debut of the comics, the story will stand by itself, but as it progresses, there may be a desire to see the characters of the show interact with the larger DC landscape.

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The comics have seen plenty of crossovers already but on the screen, there are a few characters that would actually fit perfectly well into the tone of what's being established. They may have played a part in the source material or perhaps have great potential for the future, but these crossovers would definitely help to establish the Worlds Of DC further.

Doctor Fate will be appearing in the upcoming DCEU production Shazam! Fury Of The Gods and fans currently don't know what to expect from this portrayal of Fate. Regardless, whatever form Doctor Fate takes here, he may well be a great connecting point to Sandman. 

Traditionally the character is almost a cosmic being, able to understand the fabric of the universe itself at times. Summoning Dream could create the sort of shift that Fate may sense. The magic wielder has become dark and twisted in his own right at times and could therefore fit perfectly into the Netflix show.

An ancestor of Constantine, Johanna, plays a crucial role in The Sandman and indeed so too does John himself. Out of the many potential crossovers, this appears to be the most likely, considering the connection the sorcerer actually has to the material as well as his fascination with death itself.

John Constantine, when fully charged with magic, would be able to face the threats heading to Earth and could provide great knowledge and wisdom. Although the original film iteration of Constantine would be compelling to see, the version seen in the Arrowverse would probably connect better here.

In regards to the Arrowverse, there have been numerous characters that have utilized dark magic to try and control the forces of existence themselves. Nora Darhk was trained in witchcraft from a young age and has since been on a redemptive journey alongside The Legends.

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Although the character has been written out of Legends of Tomorrowher shadowy past would be a great tonal match for what Netflix is trying to achieve with Sandman. Considering Nora Darhk is an original character for the screen, there's no telling how she would interact with Dream himself which makes the connection more compelling.

Astra Logue is actually present in DC Comics and in both the Arrowverse and the source material plays a vital role in Constantine's own arc. What's more, on-screen she has become both a Queen of Hell and a magic wielder of immense proportions. There's an evil forever running through Astra though because of her time in the underworld.

Her connections to Constantine, death, Hell, and the tone she brings to a team make her an ideal candidate to even cameo in Sandman, perhaps at some point in the afterlife. The originality brought to the role in Legends Of Tomorrow has fleshed out a two-dimensional supporting character from the comics into someone with a lot more depth.

Lucifer is such a huge part of The Sandman and the show has already found its iteration of the character. Indeed, it was the initial comic book run that ended up inspiring the Lucifer show that fans are familiar with today. With the multiverse though anything can happen.

Lucifer Morningstar could still make his impact felt especially in his new godly role. No matter what version of the character is put to screen, whether it's the initial devil or the later variations on the character, fans would be thrilled to see Tom Ellis in the role once more after his final season of Lucifer has wrapped up.

Nora Darhk might be a great fit but the power-hungry Damien Darhk would probably work even better in The Sandman, perhaps as an opposing force hungry for the power Dream wields. Darhk has dabbled with things he doesn't fully understand countless times.

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Darhk is now dead in the Arrowverse, but death really has no meaning in this world. Damned to Hell it's plausible that a cameo appearance could be had, as Damien still tries to exert his influence from beyond the grave. Thematically, he definitely matches up like his daughter.

The Suicide Squad iteration of Enchantress left a lot to be desired with June Moon seemingly surviving the encounter and the witch supposedly dying. The immortal sorceress has been around for an age though and consistently finds a way to emerge.

With her links to the underworld and the cruelty pulsing through her spirit, the ghostly Enchantress would be such a compelling foe to see emerge throughout Sandman. As one of the most powerful beings in the Multiverse, she may even rival some of the abilities of those in the show.

Fans may know Alec Holland better by the name of Swamp Thing. A guardian of creation and a character much in need of a revival on the small screen, Swamp Thing's role in the DC Universe has continued to expand throughout the years, giving him an almost god-like presence.

The iteration created for Swamp Thing feels very accurate and authentic to what fans have seen in the comics, with the plant-based anti-hero feeling like a great fit for the Justice League Dark, a group with ties to Dream. What's more, the show actually makes a nod to Sandman lore in one of its episodes.

Rachel Roth, also known as Raven, is one of the most powerful entities on both the Teen Titans and in the DC Universe in general. As the daughter of a demon, her corrupting power has continued to grow in Titansbecoming almost uncontrollable at times.

Tapping into this Hellish energy makes her a great crossover candidate, as the oncoming threats to Earth might actually come to affect her abilities. The imagery associated with the character alone feels inspired by what readers might have seen in those initial Neil Gaiman comics.

Wonder Woman may seem a little too bright and hopeful to fit into Sandman, but she's also a character with godly connections, impressive magic, and a team in the form of the Justice League Dark in the comics. If anyone could measure up to characters like Dream it's Diana.

Interestingly, the Dreamstone that appears in Wonder Woman 1984 is taken directly from the comics. The additional connection, alongside the casting of Asim Chaudhry in both properties, makes the link between the two even more viable.

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