Riverdale Season 6 Image Reveals First Look At Sabrina Spellman On Set

A first look at Sabrina Spellman in Riverdale season 6 has been revealed. Developed by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, The CW hit puts a gritty filter over the iconic Archie Comics characters. Riverdale first premiered in 2017, almost immediately establishing a diehard fanbase. Five seasons later and the show remains a top series for CBS Entertainment with viewers hungry to see the entire Archieverse catalog come to life. This includes Sabrina Spellman, who received her own spooky television adaptation Chilling Adventures of Sabrina on Netflix in 2018.

Kiernan Shipka (Mad Men and the upcoming Treat podcast movie) starred as Sabrina over the supernatural show's four parts. Aguirre-Sacasa smartly set the witchy tale in Greendale, a neighboring town to Riverdale. Before CAOS had even premiered, Greendale was referenced on Riverdale. Once the magical series began streaming, fans excitedly picked up on the strategically dropped Riverdale easter eggs. Both shows winked at each other, giving viewers little cameos and references here and there. Of course, a true Riverdale and CAOS crossover is what the fandom has been dying for. Despite CAOS ending in 2020, it looks like their wishes are coming true in Riverdale season 6.

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Warner Bros. TV finally confirmed that Sabrina was heading to Riverdale with a new image of Shipka dressed as her magical alter ego. On the heels of the Riverdale season 5 finale, the network teased that there's a chilling new adventure coming soon:

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In the photo, Shipka coyly turns to the camera from her personalized director's chair on set. She appears to be posing on the set of Archie Andrew's garage. It's a welcome sight for both fans and the production itself, who has been planning the crossover since season 1. The actress celebrated the collaboration on her social media, clearly excited to reprise her role. Spellman is set to make a magical appearance in Riverdale season 6 episode 4, which is aptly titled "The Witching Hour(s)."

The logistics of how Sabrina will fly into Riverdale are being kept under wraps, but many theories float around. As fans of CAOS know, Sabrina died saving her loved ones in the series finale. Since then, Aguirre-Sacasa has said that the iconic character will be brought back to life in drawing form as new comics continue the story. Those books will be released by the time the Riverdale and CAOS crossover airs, perhaps providing an explanation for how the teenage witch is brought back to life. A Riverdale season six trailer also teases a new cult and curse storyline, which could conjure up the powerful sorceress. The only certainty is that Archieverse fans will be counting down the days until the witching hour.

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