RHOA: NeNe Calls Out Cynthia for Missing Gregg’s Repast Ceremony

NeNe Leakes is calling out her former co-stars on The Real Housewives of Atlanta for their lack of genuine support after Gregg's passing. According to NeNe, her friends on the cast, like Cynthia Bailey, could have done a lot more to show their love after NeNe lost her husband. In addition to blasting Cynthia, NeNe also criticized the $200 flowers she received from the entire cast. As NeNe continues to heal, she's staying true to her brand and issuing out some shady reads.

Fans were shocked and saddened by the news of Gregg's passing. NeNe spent over 20 years married to Gregg, and their marriage became a staple within the Housewives community. With all that the couple shared on the show, Gregg was one of the most loved husbands on the franchise. NeNe and Gregg are the only couples to get divorced and remarried on the show. So many sent their love and support to NeNe when learning of Gregg's death from colon cancer.

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But apparently, NeNe expected more from her former co-stars. The Swagg Boutique owner recently appeared on V103 in Atlanta and blasted the RHOA cast for only sending her $200 flowers instead of everyone personally sending in $200 flowers each. "Actually I was surprised because the first set of flowers I got was a bouquet from like all the Housewives like they went in together," NeNe explained in a clip shared by The Neighborhood Talk. "I'm like, 'Why do y'all need to go in together and buy some damn flowers? If all y'all work … you can spend your own $200.'" NeNe also didn't hold back when asked how she felt about her on-and-off friend Cynthia. "I don't want to name drop, but I would expect [Cynthia to show up]," NeNe said. "A lot of people expect that, no."

NeNe expressed her disappointment in Cynthia missing out on some of the celebration of life events she held for Gregg and waiting a week or so to show face. "She didn't even come to the repast," NeNe added. "She did come like a week later after everything was done. She came by my lounge." But according to the OG housewife, her co-stars are "like a dysfunctional family, but they all reached out, they all sent flowers or something." NeNe has always been known for speaking her mind and not biting her tongue. She also didn't leave the show on the best note with the ladies. Cynthia and NeNe weren't even on speaking terms when NeNe announced her departure in September 2020.

Now as an alum, NeNe is free to shade whoever she wants. Cynthia is also an alum but is known for taking the high road and not engaging in NeNe's constant jabs. The ups and downs in NeNe and Cynthia's friendship have been followed on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. But now that they're no longer on the show the friendship between the two appears to be fizzling out. Hopefully, Cynthia reaches out and makes peace with NeNe or else continue to feel her wrath when she speaks to the press.

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Source: The Neighborhood Talk

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