One Schitt's Creek Episode Was Written Just to Mess With Eugene Levy

Schitt’s Creek star Eugene Levy revealed that Dan Levy wrote one memorable scene just to get under his father and co-star’s skin. In addition to starring together on the beloved comedy series, Eugene and Dan Levy co-created Schitt’s Creek. The father-son project debuted in 2015 and aired for six seasons. Schitt’s Creek’s immense popularity was validated when it swept all seven major comedy awards at the 72nd Primetime Emmy Awards.

The Canadian sitcom follows the Rose family, once-wealthy video store magnates who lose their huge fortune overnight. The family must decamp to their one remaining asset—the small town of Schitt’s Creek—and leave their pampered lives behind them. Over the course of the series, the Roses rebuild their lives and forge strong bonds with each other and their new community. Eugene Levy stars as family patriarch, with Catherine O’Hara playing Moira, his soap opera star wife, and Dan Levy and Annie Murphy as the spoiled Rose children. Rounding out the cast is Emily Hampshire, Noah Reid, Chris Elliott, and Jennifer Robertson. Dan’s real-life sister Sarah Levy plays café owner Twyla.

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Per Slash Film, a new anecdote from Eugene Levy confirms that the familial dynamic was palpable on the set of Schitt’s Creek, with Dan penning a scene intending to provoke—in good humor, of course—his comedy veteran father. Dan wasted no time mining his father’s pet peeves for comedy, and in season one, episode two’s “The Drip,” Dan wrote a scene that purposefully musses his father’s expertly coiffed hair. Much to Eugene’s chagrin, “The Drip” sees Johnny Rose dealing with a leak in his ceiling, with the offending droplets landing, for comedic effect, directly on his head. Despite being “a little picky” about his hair, the elder Levy took one for the team, enduring the deluge for the good of the scene. Read Levy’s full account below.

“I'm a little picky about my hair and it's not, you know, it's not vanity, it's just really tough hair to do, you know, for me…It takes a while to get my hair to look the way I think it should. He wrote an episode called “The Drip” where I’m lying in bed and all night a drip has been dripping on my head and I wake up soaked. When I read the scene, I said, 'Ah, Dan, Really? It can't drip anywhere else except on my hair?' We were shooting the scene and I took a break and I looked in that little hand mirror, and I'm going, 'Okay, it's all right, I think I can live with this,' and then I hear a voice saying, 'I think it should be more wet ...' that was Daniel. And I said, really? And he said, 'Yeah, I don't think it's gonna play unless it, it's really got to look like it's wet.'”

The behind-the-scenes story of “The Drip” illuminates the dynamic fostered on set, with Schitt’s Creek’s tight knit cast able to combine their intimate knowledge of one another with gentle ribbing. Moreover, Eugene comes across as more of a proud pop than a disgruntled diva. “We did the scene and [Dan] got such a kick out of it,” Eugene says. “I had as much fun watching him watching me be as miserable as I was doing the scene.”

Eugene’s briefly drenched mop is a small price to pay for comedy gold. Dan Levy has had to endure the lasting effects of his own scripts since Schitt’s Creek ended in 2020. Dan jokes that Alexis’ line “Ew, David” has become something of a catchphrase for the series, with fans approaching him with the unfortunate greeting, “Ew.” It seems that Dan’s own cast mates are badgering the show’s creator with their own brand of well-meaning harassment. Annie Murphy jokingly revealed that she sends her former on-screen sibling a $5 a day bribe in the hopes that he will write a Schitt’s Creek movie. Should it ever happen, audiences can expect more Levy family shenanigans from Eugene and Dan.

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Source: Slash Film

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