No Time to Die is a Perfect Rotten Tomatoes Average for Craig's Bond Movies

Just released in the UK and soon to release in the U.S., No Time to Die is Daniel Craig's last tour as 007 as he reaches the end of his James Bond run, and its Rotten Tomatoes score fittingly falls exactly in the middle of his other Bond movies. Craig's time as Bond has been largely well-received despite numerous ups and downs in critic and audience reception, making No Time To Die's average Rotten Tomatoes score the perfect way to close out his character arc.

Bond movies are notoriously hit and miss with a big stretch in quality across actors and installments, but in spite of this, or maybe because of it, James Bond remains one of the most iconic movie characters of all time. From the highs of Sean Connery's Goldfinger, with a 99% score on Rotten Tomatoes, to the lows of Roger Moore's A View to Kill at 40% only six of the official 25 James Bond movies have seen "Rotten" scores on the Tomatometer, split evenly between Roger Moore and Pierce Brosnan, with Connery and Craig (and Dalton in his short time as Bond) maintaining flawless "Fresh" ratings on all their 007 installments.

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Craig's tenure as Bond hasn't been as tumultuous as the franchise at large, with all his movies rated Fresh on the Tomatometer, going from 94% for Casino Royale to 64% for Quantum of Solace to 92% for Skyfall to 63% for Spectre and now, finally, to a perfect sub-franchise midpoint at 82% for No Time to Die. It's not common for a Bond actor to have as strong of a throughline as the character arc enjoyed by Daniel Craig since getting his License to Kill, but as a conclusion to the up-and-down journey started in Casino RoyaleNo Time to Die landing right in the middle of Craig's four other bond films is a fitting conclusion, and still a rather strong review score at that.

The average Rotten Tomatoes score for Daniel Craig's James Bond movies is 79%, so with its current 82%, No Time to Die ranks squarely in the middle and lands closest in proximity to the exact average score, while still scoring reasonably above average for the franchise. It's not just the Rotten Tomatoes score, either, No Time to Die is also just above average when it comes to the average review score (7.5 out of ten vs. 7.2 out of ten) and just below average with Rotten Tomatoes' Top Critics (73% vs. 75%).

The audience score for No Time To Die on Rotten Tomatoes isn't available yet since the movie is yet to be released, but with previous audience scores having a similar up and down trend as the critic scores, it could follow the same pattern, although audience scores don't always behave the same way as critic scores, and a satisfactory final installment could boost the score, or an average reception could drop it if average is seen as a letdown. Craig's other four Bond movies also have an average of 328 reviews submitted on Rotten Tomatoes, while No Time To Die is just under half that mark, with 157 so far, so the score could still swing by a few points, although it would take a big shift for it to move out of that fitting middle ranking.

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