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Endgame PvP is the bread and butter of many New World players' experience in Amazon Games' MMO. Many players are dead-set on getting as powerful in combat as possible for the sole purpose of crushing other players once they hit the level cap. In a faction-based game like New World, fighting and defeating members of the other factions is obviously going to be vital to the experience.

Wars are the premiere PvP activity in New World's endgame. A War is a 50 vs 50 battle set in various areas around New World's map. Wars pit two factions against one another for control of territories and forts. Strategy, firepower, and luck all have their place in these massive battles, and they are a great way for players to flex their New World build muscle.

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The only hitch when it comes to Wars in New World is that they take a bit of effort to start, and some may not even know how to start one. It is important to note that individuals aren't able to start Wars in New World. While Wars are technically faction vs faction, they are started by a single Company declaring war against another Company that owns the particular plot of land that they want control over. This will trigger a war that friendlies from either faction can join to either conquer or protect that territory.

To declare a War in New World, a Company must have completed enough PvP missions to throw the area into a state of conflict. While they can be pretty mundane and time-consuming, these objectives must be completed to get involved in the real fun. Players must be PvP flagged while completing these missions, which will give enemies the ability to slow down their efforts. If a player dies on a New World PvP mission, the mission is automatically canceled, and the Company loses influence in the area. Because of this, it is best to run these missions as a large group.

Once a Company hits 100%, it can declare War. A Company whose members completed at least 10% of turned-in PvP missions becomes the Vanguard and gets to pick who can participate in the War, which can be a bit disappointing for members of smaller Companies that aren't likely to be selected. As it stands, Wars are heavily tilted toward the larger Companies, which gives some incentive for players to join these as opposed to starting their own.

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New World is available on PC.

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