New Valorant Agent Chamber Is A Dripped Out Teleporting Sentinel

Chamber, the next playable Agent coming to first-person hero shooter Valorant, has been revealed in a stylish new cinematic trailer. Riot Games' free-to-play competitive title features a large roster of distinct characters, each with their own special abilities and unique strengths. Valorant's newest agent, the robot KAY/O, was added back in June, and brought with him abilities focused on controlling the battlefield.

Valorant combines hero-based shooters like Overwatch with the weapon purchases of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Before each game players choose their Agent, with each possessing special abilities that can turn the tide of battle. For example, KAY/O possesses a number of tools to disrupt his foes, such as a blinding flashbang and a knife that deactivates enemies' powers. However, at the start of each round players can also purchase weapons using in-game currency, meaning that both the player's Agent and their weapon loadout can affect the flow of battle. Riot designs Valorant characters with gameplay in mind, with their personalities, designs and abilities all intertwined.

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A new cinematic trailer, posted by Valorant to YouTube, shows off the impressive fashion sense and various unique abilities of upcoming Agent Chamber. As a powerful French weapon designer, Chamber is able to summon an impressive arsenal of tools to help him outgun the competition. He is able to lay traps to slow down enemies, and placing two teleport anchors around the map allows Chamber to instantly transport himself between them. One ability lets him equip a heavy pistol called the Headhunter, while his most powerful skill conjures a one-hit kill sniper rifle called the Tour de Force.

Watch the trailer for Chamber on YouTube here.

Valorant released in June 2020, and so far Epic Games has supported the title with frequent updates and additional content. Alongside new playable Agents, the multiplayer shooter has also received new maps for players to fight across. Valorant's newest map, Fracture, boasts a unique shape where defenders spawn in the middle and are approached from both sides by attackers. The map's layout was apparently inspired by The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, specifically the scene where an army of orcs is surrounded by the Riders of Rohan and the forces of Helm's Deep. Fracture also features ziplines for quick traversal, making it the first Valorant map to feature interactive objects and creating fast-paced combat encounters.

As the next character to join the always-evolving Valorant roster, Chamber seems to bring many unique gameplay opportunities to the table. The dripped-out warrior seems to place emphasis on holding down one specific area, with his teleport anchors allowing him a quick getaway should he be surrounded. Summoning the Headhunter pistol and Tour de Force sniper rifle will also ensure that Chamber is always equipped for battle, even if he goes light while choosing his loadout. The character's cinematic introduction shows off his style, professionalism and a wide array of his overwhelming weapons.

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Valorant is available on PC.

Source: Valorant/YouTube

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