Netflix's YOU: 10 Unpopular Opinions, According To Reddit

The hit Netflix show YOU has kept fans on edge and re-evaluate the definition of romance. The psychological thriller has caught the eyes of 8 million people reports and will be releasing Season 3 mid-October. However, while waiting for the next chapter of Joe's love life, especially with the major cliffhanger in Season 2, has left some fans on edge.

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In particular, some fans are hoping the show has some strong feelings that some fans may not take so kindly like Joe is a good guy to changing the main character altogether.

Reddit User Cynical_lioness claims Season 1 was too unrealistic to follow. Specifically, it is hard to believe  Beck, a single woman on the ground floor of her apartment, would have windows with no curtains. The Reddit user goes as far as to say the neighbors would have noticed or said something to Beck.

However, this lack of realism would not relate to many fans as Beck's lack of privacy reflects her naive nature, symbolizing her on-off relationships with Benji and even wanting Joe back into her life despite his jealous, possessive behavior.

It would be agreeable to all that Joe is an evil person. However, ashes_v_rise believes despite being a psycho his character seems like a good person. Joe has some best and worst traits, morally the Reddit User does not believe he is good but conventionally he can be considered a good person. The Reddit User lists him as being loyal, attractive, and really caring.  Also, his love for books makes him more appealing.

This opinion is pretty unpopular because of how many people do not see Joe as a good person but appealing because of how he justifies his evil actions and consistently judges others for their mistakes while he is committing the worst of them all. Joe as an anti-hero can be interesting because of his thought process and how he works on having characteristics many people look for in a partner such as what the Reddit User listed loyal to loving books. But to go as far as to say he is a good person invalidates his murders and abuse alongside the plot of the whole show.

So far, Netflix's YOU only has three seasons. Reddit user Class_Wooden hopes it becomes a longer series such as Dexter. Though the Reddit user has not watched Dexter they do believe it is a similar anti-hero plotline that would make for a great longer series.

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However, many fans would disagree with this opinion because the show is based on a novel that only has four books of YOU: by Caroline Kepnes. The show's plotlines are different with the main character of Dexter killing anyone who murders, allowing for more open plot lines. While Joe in YOU focuses on one girl and their life, meaning it would be too hard and eventually become dull for audiences to just watch Joe justify stalking a new girl that he eventually murders.

Reddit User PersonWhoLikes2 reanalyzes Peach's role in Beck's life with a bullet-pointed list. Not only did she discourage Beck from being a writer by hiring a literary agent to discourage her but even went out of the way to take non-consensual photos of her.

However, this take would be uncommon with a lot of viewers to compare her level of harm to that of Joe. In fact, Peach was aimed to protect Beck from Joe. She is without a doubt toxic but villain would not be under that category directly. Compared to the character, Peach is not as villainous or evil. More so she is dangerous but fans would not put her in the villain category for this particular show.

Reddit User TheVonelle believes Season 1 is better than Season 2 because of the lack of drama in Season. 1. In fact, they believe Season 2 was too extreme compared to Season 1, making the many twists and turns of Season 2 not so shocking. While Season 1's simplicity made the gutwrenching moment more impactful.

Many fans would disagree with this opinion because of the common disdain for Beck as a character. Though these fans do acknowledge how Beck is intended to be flawed and disliked because of her naiveness, it is hard for many to understand Beck as a character and why Joe would be so invested in her life. While Love Quinn in Season 2 was complex and flawed but she is relatively more intriguing, making their love story and development of Love as a character better.

Through his narration, Joe rationalizes his actions such as murder to hiding deep dark secrets to showcase his complexity as an anti-hero. However, Reddit User VeronicaEarth hopes Joe has a sense of self-awareness with him realizing how he breaks his own moral compass and hurts people in his life.

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Having this self-realization would not be agreed upon by fans because it would stop Joe from stalking and creating mayhem, which he thinks protects and connects with women he cares about. In addition, the show's narration is possible because Joe does not realize his flaws, making himself an empathetic yet soulless character. Essentially, his lack of awareness makes Joe an anti-hero, not just a villain.

Reddit user girouxfilms admitted that their opinion is unpopular. Though the Reddit User most likely watched different shows after finishing Season 2 of YOU, their reaction to the end of Season 2 was "rolling their eyes" at the end rather than buying into the plot twist.

Many fans would disagree with this perspective because the end of Season 2 changes the dynamic between Joe and Love also leaving shocked by Joe's reaction. In fact, this ending for Season 2 with Joe and Love greatly differed from the end of the second book that the Season was based on, shocking man fans who were both readers and watchers of YOU.

Beck was intentionally made as a flawed character. However, the cruelty of Love discovered in Season 2 was not popular with fans as they were expecting a different non-murderous character. Reddit User ShartedBriefs says Beck was such a mess and a terrible person compared to Love who is gorgeous.

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Many fans would not agree with this because Love is as dangerous if not more than Joe. Though Beck has some best and worst traits, she was intentionally created in a way for her to not be a fan-favorite, she was not as vicious. While Love uses her privilege and resources as a wealthy white woman to harm innocent people while Beck was broken and never did anything horrible as murder.

Season 2 was full of plot twists and Reddit User OLovah believes Love being evil was not one of them. In fact, the Reddit User sees Love's evil nature as predictable and thinking she was as "cray" like Joe.

Love's evil side being similar to Joe was the main twist of Season 2 that kept many fans on edge. Her free-spirited nature and self-awareness made being a villain less predictable as Joe is more structured and logical. Many fans expected her to have a bad history but not to be sharing the same level of evil as Joe.

Reddit User SpeedDuel believes the best way to keep the show more interesting is to have a new stalker each Season. They loved Season 2 but think it had similar tropes as the previous Season such as Joe getting away and how his luck has never run out.

Though this would be a creative take to the show, YOU is based on the development of Joe as a character and how far he is willing to go in harming people while not realizing it. Many fans are involved in the story because of Joe's wicked rationale not his actions of stalking. Also, this Reddit User's opinion would go against the book series that fans enjoy, which is essentially what the show is based upon.

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