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Miriam Haart stole viewers' hearts throughout Netflix's My Unorthodox Life. At such a young age, Miriam had a vision for her life and was lucky enough to have the support of her mom, Julia Haart, to make her dreams a reality. Everything from her business ventures with apps to her sexuality was discussed in the reality series, and it only made fans fall for her all the more.

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In addition to her outgoing personality and love for family, Miriam is one of the most fashionable characters in the series. She also shows off her vibrant looks on Instagram. With her mom and sisters being fashion gurus themselves, Miriam has found her sense of style with colorful prints, matching jackets and skirts, and platform sneakers.

In the first episode of My Unorthodox Life, Miriam told her mom that she had a blind date with a friend of a friend. During this conversation, Miriam also mentioned that she didn't think her sister, Batsheva, was comfortable with her bisexuality. With the family coming from an ultra-Orthodox background, some members of Miriam's family needed time to catch up with modern ways.

Regardless of Batsheva's feelings, Miriam is a great representation of the LGBTQ+ community and allowed viewers to go with her on her blind date. For the date, she wore a pink jumpsuit with a hot pink puffer coat and combat boots. She looked feminine and relaxed all at once.

Being on a reality show, each member of the family had their own confessional in My Unorthodox Life, including Miriam, of course. Some of her best looks on the show appear in these sit-down interviews with producers. In the third episode, for example, Miriam wore a strapless plaid number that looked perfect on her.

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Between the style, drama, and love shown in this show, it's bound to become one of Netflix's best original series. What makes this look one of her best on the show is how comfortable Miriam looks in it.

Both Miriam and her sister Batsheva intern at Elite World Group, a fashion management group that is co-owned by their mother. Because of their jobs in the fashion world (and with their mom having an unbelievable closet), both women are always impeccably dressed.

In the third episode, Julia brought Miriam along for a meeting with her publisher to discuss her memoir. The two women wore similar outfits, but it was Miriam who stole the show. She wore olive green shorts that matched a cropped olive green jacket. Her white tank under the jacket broke up the outfit, making it perfect. Between Miriam and Julia's looks, this show is a must-watch for any fashionista.

While celebrating another fashionable member of My Unorthodox Life, Robert Brotherton, Miriam showed up to his birthday celebration in a pink plaid number that was reminiscent of Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City. She looked ready for summer while also dressing her age in this number.

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In the scene, Miriam showed up at Robert's birthday party with a date. Batsheva was upset at Miriam because she thought she was dating too many people at one time and found it inappropriate for the two to make out on a couch during a party. However, Miriam stood her ground, protected her relationship, and looked amazing while doing it.

Throughout the reality series, Julia Haart showed viewers e1972, a new fashion line on which she was working on behalf of Elite. Each look had a specific design and was personalized to the customer's body type. In the fifth episode, Miriam sported her mother's new line with this lime green e1972 short and jacket combination.

After watching the series, it's obvious that Miriam loved wearing shorts and jackets that went seamlessly together, and this look was one of her best yet. The entire Haart clan gets a slow clap for their wardrobes in this fashion-based reality series.

In the sixth episode, the family traveled to Paris for fashion week. With the family strolling the streets of Paris in their best looks, fans of Netflix's Emily in Paris would adore My Unorthodox Life, especially in this episode.

In one scene, Miriam explored Paris with her two brothers, Shlomo and Aron. For the big day out, she wore a miniskirt that matched her leather jacket. Her black tights pulled this outfit together, making it a fancier look for the streets of Paris. In a lot of ways, the Haart clan came together in Paris as they met up with family and talked about their roles in the fashion industry.

Miriam and Batsheva have their differences, but at the end of the day, they're sisters and best friends. Their unique bond is what made My Unorthodox Life such a family-friendly show.

Throughout the series, Batsheva worked on growing her brand as an influencer and asked for Miriam's help for a professional Zoom call. Batsheva needed Miriam as her model for the call, and although Miriam was late, causing tension between the two, she looked the part and helped her sister. For the call, she wore high-waisted denim shorts and a white tank. The outfit was simple but was age-appropriate and stylish.

Miriam's blue-on-blue look in the eighth episode made viewers nostalgic for '90s fashion. The look was adorably paired with platform sneakers a la the Spice Girls. While she stood next to her siblings, her blue look made her stand out.

The skirt and jacket combination fit Miriam perfectly, but it was the gold buttons sewn on throughout the outfit that gave it the small pop that it needed. With her hair tucked back, she allowed this outfit to shine on its own without distraction.

Fans of the '90s film Clueless loved Miriam's outfit in this scene because it was reminiscent of Cher Horowitz's. Just as Cher wore a matching yellow-and-black plaid skirt and jacket, Miriam opted for a red, white, and blue version.

In this scene, Miriam invited her closest friends and family to an event where she revealed the app she had been working on. Although she was giddy over the reveal, she looked calm and collected in a sea of those who supported her. The skirt and jacket combo bodes well with the rest of Miriam's iconic looks, as it's both youthful and classy at the same time.

If My Unorthodox Life was a sitcom, Miriam and her brother Shlomo's double date would be one of the cutest in history. Although Shlomo is older than Miriam, he had never been on a date before because of his religion and confusion with becoming more modern. Miriam thought it would be a good idea to go on a group date with someone she had been seeing while setting Shlomo up with another friend.

On the date, Miriam wore a metallic gold jacket with black pants. She looked perfect for a chilly rooftop date in New York City

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