My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Whitney's Cutest Makeup & Hair Looks Ranked

Whitney Way Thore is known for her dancing abilities on My Big Fat Fabulous Life, but her hair and makeup styling skills are sometimes overlooked by the viewers. Fortunately for fans, Whitney has a slew of glamorous pictures on social media that exhibit her hair and makeup expertise. From vibrant cruise ship looks to more subdued and natural styles, Whitney has shown off several cute looks.

Whitney often finds herself combatting trolls online, but she is also known for posting alluring photos of herself when she's not busy using up all of her social media space calling out her haters. Over time, Whitney has improved her fashion skills and shared fabulous pictures online. With 1.1 million followers, Whitney is a verified influencer on Instagram.

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Not only does the My Big Fat Fabulous Life star post empowering photos, but she frequently shares new looks she's trying out as well. Although there are plenty of chic pictures that stand out, these are the cutest looks Whitney's shared online.

With several pets, Whitney's mysterious french boyfriend, a dance career, and a reality show to balance, Whitney is a busy girl on the go. In a post from August 20, 2020, Whitney demonstrates that she's can look glamorous while waiting for her hair to dry. In this picture, Whitney sports a bold magenta lip that contrasts her soft facial features. Whitney's hazel eyes are the main feature of the photo, however, as they beam beneath the reality star's swooping eyelashes. Whitney captioned the post, "PS: My hair is dry underneath this towel, but I did NOT spend this long on my makeup to ruin it with gross hair." Even with her hair hidden behind a towel, Whitney still looks stunning.

Although Whitney has pulled off several fashion-forward getups, some of her most alluring looks come from natural makeup and hairstyling. This past August, Whitney shared a cute photo of herself enjoying nature. In theme with her organic background, Whitney opted to go for a natural makeup look. Whitney ricks a soft pink lip gloss and keeps her makeup understated, which gives her an understated glow. Additionally, Whitney's hair is simply down, but full of volume and curls. Whitney is known for being over-the-top, but this simple look highlights the dancer's raw beauty. She wrote that she took this picture after she got "Back home from 6 weeks in France," demonstrating that jetlag doesn't hamper her ability to stay stylish.

Even though Whitney looks great when she wears subdued hair and makeup, the My Big Fat Fabulous Life star really shines when she goes above and beyond. One of the most fascinating photos Whitney shared on her Instagram is from November 2019. Whitney was aboard a cruise ship where she focused on self-love and empowerment. The reality star's hair and makeup reflect Whitney's strength and self-love. Whitney's hair is in a dramatic high ponytail that falls below her shoulders. Whitney's makeup really stands out in this picture, however, as it incorporates a powerful shade of blue. Both Whitney's lip and eye makeup feature a vibrant blue that perfectly suits the dancer's voyage across the seas. Whitney also dons a temporary tattoo on her chest that reads, "No BS!" Whitney's look perfectly embodies the My Big Fat Fabulous Life star's mighty personality.

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