Melrose Place: Best Episode Of Each Season, According to IMDb

The characters on Melrose Place become friends, fall in love, and realize that some people might pose a bigger threat than others, all thanks to living in the same sunny apartment complex in California. This popular '90s drama often feels like a soap opera thanks to long story arcs and some plotlines that are a bit hard to believe but are juicy and fun to watch all the same.

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From memorable season finales to episodes involving major drama in the romantic and professional lives of the main characters, every season of Melrose Place has an episode that stands out to fans. Some of these episodes feature situations that feel totally out of the ordinary, but others have some stories that feel more grounded in reality and emotion.

7 "Suspicious Minds" (S1, E32) - 8.3

When comparing Melrose Place to Beverly Hills 90210, both shows feature memorable, wild storylines, and it's no wonder that the season 1 finale is this season's highest-rated episode on IMDb.

There's a lot going on here, from Jake and Jo thinking about moving in with each other to Alison's ex Keith hurting her new love interest Billy. This episode also has some tragic moments, as it's when Alison begins drinking, and Amanda has a miscarriage. Melrose Place excels when balancing relatable, emotional scenes with plotlines that bring a lot of drama, and this episode does that well. Alison's struggles will continue over several seasons and it's heartbreaking to watch her suffer.

6 "Til Death Do Us Part" (S2, E31) - 8.7

The season 2 finale is also a popular episode and this one tackles some heavy, deep and dark themes. Some of Alison's storylines become unbelieveable, like when she gets married to Haley, Brooke's dad, who then dies... and then Alison realizes that he divorced her when she had no idea. But in this episode, Alison is presented as a heartbreaking, vulnerable character who is dealing with a past tragedy that no one should ever have to.

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Alison has been having awful dreams and runs away on her wedding day to Billy when she remembers that her dad molested her when she was growing up. Amanda is also dealing with a sexual harassment lawsuit. It's upsetting watching Alison go through this and Billy is shocked and upset as he has no idea what's going on or why she would leave him on this important day.

5 "The Big Bang Theory" (S3, E30) - 9.2

The personality types of Melrose Place characters may differ, but fans can find comfort in kind-hearted Billy and compassionate Alison, as they're the two most grounded people living in this apartment complex (at least at the beginning of the series).

In this highly-rated season 3 finale, which lasts for two hours, Alison is devastated that Billy has moved on and is going to marry Brooke. Alison also learns that Brooke has been scheming and trying to get her to stay far away from Billy. Most of all, though, fans remember this episode because Kimberly blows up the complex, which is still so shocking to think about. When people talk about the juicy fun of this series, this is most likely a storyline that they bring up.

4 "Postmortem Madness" (S4, E1) - 8.7

At the beginning of season 4, the main characters are dealing with Kimberly's awful decision, and it's safe to say that they wonder how they ever lived close to someone who would do this to them. It's a scary reminder that danger lurks nearby all the time for them.

Kimberly says that she has no memory of causing violence to anyone, and Alison has trouble with her eyesight. Viewers are happy to see Billy going back to the apartment complex so he can help Alison, as there are still sparks flying between the two characters, and it feels like they have no reason not to get back together.

3 "Over D*ck's Dead Body" (S5, E2) - 8.5

The famous apartment complex is one reason why Melrose Place is a perfect '90s show and by season 5, there are some new characters who have been introduced, but the original group is still around and getting more intense by the episode.

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The drama is in full force in this season 5 episode, with Matt addicted to prescription pills and Jake and Alison trying desperately not to tell Billy that they're together. This episode also features a storyline involving mysterious couple Taylor and Kyle who are opening a new restaurant in the area. This episode stands out because Matt is taking pills from Michael, who seems intelligent and logical at first since he's a doctor, but who has just as many wild storylines as the rest of the characters.

2 "Amanda's Back" (S6, E15) - 8.1

Like other '90s TV dramas with great casts, the actors on Melrose Place know how to balance vulnerability and juicy moments, and Heather Locklear's performance as Amanda stands out. No matter what scene Amanda is in, she's always strong-willed but hard to completely hate.

In the previous episode, Samantha and Amanda are in a horrible plane crash in the Northern California woods, and Kyle and Billy help discover them. Amanda's back is not only broken but she worries that she will never walk again. Since Amanda has always been presented as a tough character, running the advertising firm and stealing Billy from Alison, it's new to see her in such a difficult and scary position. While viewers feel for her, they don't love her bad attitude and mean nature, and it's easy to wonder if this experience will help her become a better person.

1 "A**es To Ashes" (S7, E35) - 8.2

It makes sense that the series finale of Melrose Place would be the season's highest-rated episode on IMDb. After 7 seasons of bold characters, sometimes confusing but always thrilling plotlines, and romance and heated emotions, it's safe to say that fans really anticipated this ending.

Michael is now the Chief of Staff, which is dream job, and Amanda and Peter get a happy ending, although an intense one: they pretend to die and get married on an island where no one can find them. Eve also abducts Michael and Lexi and tries to frame Lexi for killing Peter and Amanda, but that doesn't work out at all. It seems that this episode impressed viewers by wrapping up major storylines and putting the characters in a much better place.

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