MCU's Deviant Changes Means Two Heroes Can't Appear In The Future

Screen Rant’s Eternals set visit reveals a major change to the Deviants that unfortunately takes two Marvel heroes off the table in the MCU’s future. During the trip to the set of Eternals at Pinewood Studios, Screen Rant learned quite a lot about Chloé Zhao’s Marvel movie. Among the many subjects that were discussed was Eternals’ villains, the Deviants.

As seen in the marketing for the upcoming Phase 4 film, the Deviants are alien beasts that have a long history with the MCU’s Eternals. According to the film, they threatened the Earth in the distant past, and are now back to cause problems in the present day. It seems that the return of the Deviants in Eternals will play an active role in forcing these ten alien immortals to band together again. As for the one behind their rampage, the perpetrator is Warlord Kro, the Eternals’ biggest rival in Marvel Comics. The mysterious character was seen talking to Thena (Angelina Jolie) at the end of the second Eternals trailer.

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Comments from Eternals producer Nate Moore on the movie’s set have confirmed that Kro is the only Deviant who can speak, while the rest of his kind are monsters. According to Moore, this aspect of his character is what makes him unique to the Deviants and one of the movie’s biggest mysteries. This proves that the Deviants are totally unlike the comic versions. While they admittedly do have grotesque and monstrous appearances, most are capable of speech and intelligent thought. But if Kro is the only MCU Deviant who has this trait, that means Marvel won’t be using the Reject and Karkas, two Deviants who serve as key allies to the Eternals in the comic books. As outcasts, these two contributed greatly to the Eternals’ efforts to defeat Kro, and other Marvel villains as well.

In Jack Kirby’s original Eternals series and many of the other stories that followed, the Reject and Karkas were as important as many of the Eternals themselves. In fact, they actually had significantly larger roles than both Kingo and Phastos. The pair of Deviants, who shared a deep connection in the comics, were polar opposites of each other in an interesting way. Reject (later renamed “Ransak the Reject”, was hated by his own kind for his human-like appearance, which made him an anomaly among the Deviants. Due to being treated horribly his entire life, the Reject developed a bestial personality that wasn’t reflected at all by his looks. Standing in stark contrast to Reject was Karkas, a monstrous red creature known for possessing the “soul of a poet” and an articulate vocabulary. With the Eternals, the two found the acceptance they could never have with the Deviants.

The duo was instrumental to numerous Eternals stories, but are clearly being skipped for the movie. How the two are being replaced is indicated by Marvel’s plans for Thena. In the movie, Thena will travel alongside Don Lee’s Gilgamesh, whereas her comic counterpart spent the majority of her classic adventures with Reject and Karkas, who she took under her wing. It looks like Eternals will see her form a bond with Gilgamesh instead. While trailers have long given the impression that Marvel isn’t making room for Marvel’s two Deviant heroes in Eternals, it still felt like there was a chance they could show up in a sequel. But how Marvel is totally reimagining the Deviants for the MCU dims any lingering hopes of the two ever appearing.

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