Marvel's Dark Ages Apocalypse is Better Than Its Current Universe

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Dark Ages #2

While the alternate universe of Marvel's Dark Ages has endured an apocalyptic event, it seems as though this new world has become better than the standard Marvel universe. Apparently, Earth losing all of its electricity was the perfect reboot the planet needed, and Spider-Man in particular believes humanity is better off because of it, raising a family in this post-apocalyptic future that doesn't seem all that bad. Likewise, after seeing how humanity and civilization have been reformed in Dark Ages' latest issue, it's not hard to agree with the Webslinger's assessment.

In the first issue of Dark Ages from writer Tom Taylor and artist Iban Coello, it was revealed that Doctor Strange unleashed a cosmic E.M.P to defeat the being known as the Unmaker. However, his success came at the expense of his own life, and the Sorcerer Supreme did not live long enough to end the E.M.P located in the Earth's core, which soon covered the entire planet, shutting down all electricity indefinitely, leading to a period of extreme violence and chaos. However, it honestly seems to have been for the best after Marvel's heroes stood together to restore civilization.

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Dark Ages #2 reveals that the Marvel Universe did not become the typical postapocalyptic wasteland one would assume after all electricity was lost. Instead, it became something better, stronger, and more unified. Marvel's heroes (and even some villains) assembled to show the world a new way, resulting in telepathically connected safe havens being formed as the world's climate began to heal. Led by the new world capital of Wakanda, the greatest minds came together to help humanity grow and thrive. While there are still dangers to be faced and threats yet to come, it truly does seem as though this new world is better than the current Marvel Universe, given its seemingly greater unification and peace.

While the X-Men's En Sabah Nur (aka Apocalypse) has dark plans in the works alongside multiple villains (and even some heroes he's mind-controlled into his service), it does seem as though losing the lights was the best thing that ever happened to this version of the Marvel Universe. It forced a reboot where humanity had a chance to unify like never before in order to survive, and it looks like that opportunity wasn't wasted thanks to Marvel's heroes. As a prime example, Spider-Man feels as though the new world he's helped build is stable and safe enough that he was comfortable starting a family with Mary Jane (as they now have a daughter).

While there will always be threats around the corner in some form, the postapocalyptic world Taylor and Coello have created is quite interesting, flipping the script on what a world can become after a global catastrophe is survived. Even Spider-Man says in the issue: "who says a postapocalyptic world has to be a bad place? Forget your barren wastelands, your fashion dominated by leather and skulls, and the all-too-common problem of roving cannibals. After the fall of our civilization...came something better." As a result, here's hoping Marvel's heroes are prepared to defend the better world they've built in the issues to come of Dark Ages.

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