Lucifer: 1 Quote From 10 Main Characters That Perfectly Sums Up Their Personality

Netflix’s Lucifer closed out its six-season run with a final story that focused on the titular devil embracing his destiny to help redeem souls in Hell. It was a result of Lucifer’s interactions with the rest of the cast, all of whom had their own developments to learning who they were as people.

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Whether it was someone as straight-laced as Chloe or a demon like Maze, the series contained dialogue for every character that alluded to their personalities. These quotes can sum up what the person stood for and what they wanted in life. With the series having come to an end, it’s worth analyzing quotes to dig deeper into everyone’s characterizations.

Chloe became a detective after the death of her father hit her hard during her youth. She decided to carry the lesson she learned from him and modeled herself after her father following his demise. For Chloe, it was an initiative she took to move on.

This quote is how she conducted herself in general, as Chloe accepted that she couldn’t make things different and needed to accept whatever happened to her. These words also impacted Lucifer in a big way, who saw Chloe as a realistic but understanding person.

Ella was a character filled with spunk and one-liners who wore her heart on her sleeve. She had the knack to get extremely invested in her friends, to the point where she saw them as family. Ella also had choice words for her actual family but inherently loved them very much.

This quote sums up Ella’s fiery side as well as how much she cared, as Ella sounded off a warning that her jabs toward her family were for her benefit and she wouldn’t stand anyone else’s insults toward them. Ella could always be counted on, no matter the case, and she made sure to keep everyone’s feelings in check.

Daniel’s words apply to when he was at his worst as a dirty cop and when he became his best as a responsible person. He didn’t see the point in being good in his younger days and became corrupted because there didn’t seem to be any karmic retribution.

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Daniel’s turn for the better had him uphold the law and remain absolutely loyal toward his friends, eventually allowing him into Heaven. Even then, he went along with what this quote states as Daniel strived to do what felt right to him, having the clarity he needed to remain morally sound.

The reveal of Rory as the daughter of Lucifer and Chloe and was the biggest surprise of Lucifer season 6. Although Rory’s main attribute was her anger toward Lucifer for never being there in her life, Rory’s true nature was as a person who deeply needed help to understand why her father wasn’t around.

It was after she went back to the past and learned Lucifer selflessly left for Hell to redeem souls that she realized what she really wanted. Rory was a person who loved a bit too fiercely and she acknowledged this after accepting Lucifer’s decision to finally gain the peace she needed.

Eve wasn’t the type of person who could be happy on her own and needed another person to feel complete. Her problem was that she tended to chase romances where she was the giver without anyone loving her for who she was.

She said these words during a moment of clarity where she understood her problems lied with her choices. Eve finally found Maze as the person who loved Eve for her personality and giving nature, with Eve experiencing what unconditional acceptance was supposed to feel like.

Trixie was phrasing Lucifer here but used this phrase as her when she demanded to have all the chocolate she wanted. While the moment was played for laughs, it aligned with Trixie’s nature of never compromising in what she believed.

Trixie knew of Lucifer and Maze’s mischievous nature and still befriended them despite hesitancy from Chloe and Dan. She accepted Dan’s demise by holding on to these words, as Trixie understood her father died fighting for justice as he wanted. She usually got Lucifer to go along with whatever she asked, which attests to Trixie’s tenacious personality.

Dr. Linda didn’t get as many storylines dedicated toward her as the other characters, but these words allude to her biggest arc. It was revealed that Linda had given up her daughter for adoption in her youth before she saw her again and wanted nothing more than to reconnect.

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Linda was the person everyone went to for support due to her skills as a therapist and she spoke about loss from experience. On the romance front, Linda needed to separate from her ex-husband Reese to realize how happy she was on her own, while she appreciated her friendships with Lucifer and the others after spending time apart.

Maze’s many betrayals meant her opposition to Lucifer was always a predictable plot twist. However, it stemmed from her tendency to hate just about everything before she started liking it. Maze claimed she despised every one of the main characters when she initially met them, only to become attached to the same people.

This quote was during a light moment when she saw Trixie and Chloe unaffected by her dark nature and Maze didn’t know how to react. In truth, Maze used her claims of hatred to push people away before they had any chance to hurt her when she actually just wanted to be accepted.

Amenadiel’s slow progression to losing his powers remains one of Lucifer’s most heartbreaking arcs. To his advantage, Amenadiel learned from this event to have his faith in God become even stronger. He grew from the experience to help his friends when they were in conflict as well.

Amenadiel had this quote to say when he gave Lucifer encouragement to become the next God. It was basically what Amenadiel stood for, as he grew out of his original arrogance by becoming a fallen angel and learning once again how to fly, both literally and spiritually.

There were times where the show made fans hate and love Lucifer for his debauchery as well as his inherently good nature. The reason for Lucifer’s obsession with feeding desires was his unwillingness to confront his insecurities over everyone in the world blaming him for their bad choices.

Lucifer made this claim to Chloe when he became consumed by his devil side and couldn’t hold his anger in any longer. Deep down, Lucifer was always scared and guilt-ridden, and it took his experience with Chloe to make him forgive himself.

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