Life is Strange: True Colors Update Adds 60FPS Mode On PS5, Xbox

Patch #3 for Life is Strange: True Colors is live now on PS5 and Xbox Series X, most notably introducing a mode that enables frame rates of up to 60fps. Developer Deck Nine and publisher Square Enix launched True Colors a little less than a month ago, introducing Life is Strange fans and newcomers to another fresh setting and a new batch of characters.

LiS: True Colors reviewed well across the board and has garnered resounding praise from the franchise's longtime fans, thanks to Deck Nine's improved storytelling chops and a wide array of gameplay improvements. Players assume the role of Alex Chen, an empath who moves to a small town in Colorado to live with her brother, Gabe, after years of separation. It doesn't take long for tragedy to strike, leaving Alex to rely on newfound allies to uncover several unsettling truths. But while the story and characters received no shortage of acclaim, True Colors' overall performance very much needed a few more refinements as evidenced by widespread reports of frame rate drops. It seems the crew at Deck Nine recently set its sights on accomplishing just that.

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Life is Strange: True Colors' Patch #3 rolled out today, October 4, for PS5 and Xbox Series X. Google Stadia, PC, and PS4 will receive the third update in a couple of days on October 6, according to a Square Enix blog post. The new patch on PS5 and Series X, specifically, introduces High Resolution and High Performance modes, the latter of which players can toggle to unlock up to 60fps gameplay. In addition, players across all platforms can expect "Achievements/Trophies for all collectibles [to] now retroactively be awarded when reaching the Title screen on launch or when loading a different save file."

Given the patch's newness, it remains to be seen how smoothly the Life is Strange: True Colors 60fps mode performs on PS5 and Xbox Series X platforms. Another mystery, as of writing, is the resolution at which the 60fps mode runs. That much and more should become clear in the very near future, however.

In addition to updates that tackle performance issues and bugs, Deck Nine has also unleashed True Colors' Wavelengths DLC, a prequel episode starring Steph Gingrich. The DLC is available in the Deluxe and Ultimate Editions; those who already own True Colors can purchase the Steph-starring prequel for $12.99.

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Life is Strange: True Colors is out now on Google Stadia, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S; a Nintendo Switch launch should arrive later in 2021.

Source: Square Enix, Life is Strange/Twitter

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