Life After Lockup: John & Kristianna Celebrate in Second Wedding Ceremony

In a preview clip of the next episode of Life After Lockup, Kristianna and John are officially a married couple again after celebrating their second wedding and exchanging their vows in a more traditional American ceremony attended by family and friends. It comes after Kristianna begged for her estranged son to attend, and John secretly told Kristianna's sister not to come. But it looks like everything worked out, and Kristianna and John were able to walk down the aisle to profess their love to each other.

John first introduced Kristianna on Love After Lockup season 4. The couple wasted no time in tying the knot as soon as Kristianna was released. John pulled over and surprised Kristianna with a roadside ceremony that followed his Native American heritage. But after their wedding, Kristianna ended up going back to prison after relapsing. While she was away, John got a little too close to Kristianna's sister, Tara, and the two engaged in an inappropriate flirtatious relationship. Once Kristianna's mom caught wind of it, she told them to stop. Now John has been ashamed of his actions and tries to keep Tara away out of fear that she'll tell Kristianna all of what really happened between them.

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In an exclusive clip of Friday's episode of WeTV's Life After Lockup, Kristianna and John get married for a second time. However, Kristianna is devastated when she realizes that Tara isn't coming to her wedding. Her mother attempts to console her while John waits to begin the ceremony. Kristianna is clearly still in the dark about the phone call John made to Tara threatening her to not attend the wedding. Kristianna's mom and son walk her down the aisle to exchange her vows with John. "This is an amazing feeling to have a wedding in front of my family and friends," Kristianna says alongside John in a confessional. "I've put everything behind me. I'm not thinking about anything else besides this man beside me." Kristianna shares how in love she is with John, and he shares the same feelings.

During the ceremony, cameras capture the emotion Kristianna's son shows while watching his mom get married. The mother and son have been estranged for most of his life due to Kristianna's drug abuse and constant stints in jail. After tying the knot, John addresses those who had "doubts" about the couple and whether or not they would make it. But they're still going strong, and John is hoping to make Kristianna his fifth and final marriage. John has been open about his past history of cheating and numerous marriages and engagements.

But John insists that what he feels for Kristianna is the real deal, even if John did try to hook up with his wife's sister. As long as Tara stays out of the picture, John won't be reminded about his bad-boy behavior, and Kristianna can ignore the fact that her husband and sister betrayed her trust. The Life After Lockup couple is the latest to make it far enough to get married and stay married. Another season on the show will determine if they can stand the test of time.

Life After Lockup airs Fridays at 9pm on WeTV.

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