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DC's Legends Of Tomorrow on the CW features a collection of heroes from across the Arrowverse. The series is packed full of courageous vigilantes who are willing to face down aliens, demons, and magic wielders in order to keep the timeline safe from any disastrous events.

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Jumping on the Waverider and traveling into the unknown to face any number of threats is an incredibly courageous thing to do. While the Legends might put on a brave face, often getting involved in wacky antics, ultimately the group is driven by their bravery, with their ability to fight as a team giving them a massive boost. Someone always has their back!

10 Gary Green

Gary Green seems like a nervous wreck most of the time. He was always hiding something, though, and his secrets only became clear once the revelation that he was actually an alien was focused on. The character showed incredible bravery hiding amongst the humans for so long, knowing that the Legends might take his reveal as a betrayal.

What's more, he shunned his own species, because of their violent ways. He was courageous enough to start a new, heroic life, despite the consequences of his actions. He's mostly portrayed as a coward but somehow underneath it all, he's a brave one.

9 John Constantine

John Constantine has made plenty of mistakes. Constantine is controversial at times, especially when obsessed with trying to channel dark magic. He puts himself in mortal peril time and time again though, without any nerves whatsoever.

Constantine has traveled to hell and back multiple times to save his friends. He has faced off against demons and is willing to sacrifice himself to access the magic needed to protect Earth. He is a deeply flawed man but a brave one nonetheless.

8 Nate Heywood

Nate Heywood began his journey with the Legends as a historian. The character had a rare health issue which meant that he could bleed without it ever stopping, therefore risking his life every time he tried to go into battle alongside the rest of the Legends.

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Although his powers would eventually surface, resulting in this health issue no longer becoming a problem, the character continued to take risks to ensure the safety of his team. That initial move to join the group in the first place though demonstrates the resolve of Nate.

7 Nora Darhk

Nora Darhk is one of the most intelligent villains the Legends have ever faced off against. She lived in the shadow of her father for so long but decided enough was enough. She broke out of her antagonistic tendencies and built a new life for herself.

To turn her back on everything she knew was brave in itself, as was the notion that she was willing to face the consequences of her actions. She would eventually become a fully-fledged member of the Legends despite the dark magic flowing through her, demonstrating her commitment to evolving.

6 Leonard Snart

Leonard Snart started his own journey as a crook and criminal. The character, alongside Heatwave, took on the name of the villainous Captain Cold and became a real problem for The Flash. He took the risk of forcing his partner and himself onto the Waverider though.

He never looked back, realizing that the circle of crime he found himself in had to stop. He would eventually go on to sacrifice his own life for the universe itself, demonstrating just how heroic Snart actually was. His bravery will never be forgotten by the rest of the team.

5 Ava Sharpe

Ava Sharpe operated within the Time Bureau in a very senior position. She did everything by the book and it was almost a fear to go rogue and completely off the beaten track. In spite of this, Ava took the leap of faith and trusted the Legends and their wacky ways.

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It took some adjustment but Ava was brave enough to embrace this new lifestyle. Even upon finding that she was a clone, she took this news in her stride, forcing herself to investigate her own truth. That took great courage and resolve, with Ava continuing to be a fantastic leader throughout these tumultuous times.

4 Astra Logue

Astra Logue may have met the Legends as an antagonist, but that's because she spent years in hell after being abducted by a demon from a young age. As a child, she could have given into the fear of being in such a horrible place but instead, she rose up.

She demonstrated her resiliency by becoming a leader amongst immortals in the realms of darkness. It took some readjustment to finally live on the surface world once more as she was hardened by hell. She embraced the change and even began to learn magic as a way to defend herself, demonstrating her growth.

3 Amaya Jiwe

There's a sad truth to Amaya, that the moment she joined the Waverider she would have to return to her own time. Every passing moment with the Legends was more of a risk as she may never be able to go home and defend her people.

She stayed so that she could rescue as many people as possible though. When the time came she was brave enough to understand that she had to go back and so she did just that. It was a terrible decision but one that had to be made for the good of the timeline.

2 Zari Tarazi

Zari came from a time where ARGUS was in control. Her brother had been killed and her family ripped apart. It was difficult for Tarazi to trust again, although she began to go on adventures with the Legends, using her gifts to help save others.

When the time came to make her own sacrifice she gladly made it, getting forced into the Totem for an alternative timeline. She lived out her days in this space between worlds until the Legends found a way to free her again. It took a lot of bravery to accept this as her new reality.

1 Sara Lance

What hasn't happened to Sara Lance? She's died more times than can be counted. She's been resurrected from all corners of reality. She's been captured, faced off against insurmountable odds, and has always continued to fight until the very end.

She's even been replaced partially by an alien clone and continued to embrace her life the only way she knows how. She's a valiant Captain who leads with compassion and courage in every command. Sara Lance is the bravest of the Legends and the mighty original who remains aboard the Waverider.

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