Last of Us TV Show Set Photos Give New Look at Boston Quarantine Zone

New images captured from the set of HBO’s The Last of Us give a look at how the show transformed Alberta, Canada into a post-apocalyptic Boston, Massachusetts. Naughty Dog’s original The Last of Us has been praised by many as one of the greatest video games of the past decade thanks in large part to its character development and gripping narrative. That being said, ever since 2013, there have been reports of a The Last of Us feature film. However, creator/director Neil Druckmann ultimately decided that an adaptation of the franchise would be better suited for the small screen.

Druckmann is executive producing, co-writing, and co-directing HBO’s The Last of Us alongside Chernobyl veteran Craig Mazin. The series will be PlayStation Productions’ first foray into the television landscape. Following the first game, season 1 will be comprised of 10 episodes and follow smuggler Joel Miller (Pedro Pascal) and his cargo, Ellie (Bella Ramsey), across a country ravaged by the infected. In celebration of The Last of Us day, Druckmann shared a first look image of Pascal and Ramsey as Joel and Ellie, which exhibited the series’ desire to remain faithful to its source material. The series will also star Nico Parker as Joel’s daughter, Sarah, Gabriel Luna as Tommy, Anna Torv as Tess, and Merle Dandridge, who reprises her role of Marlene from the games. The Last of Us has also been casting non-game characters with production well underway in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

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Photos from HBO’s The Last of Us production have surfaced online courtesy of Reddit user Sith_Reaper28. The set images give fans a look at the production’s attention to detail as it turns Alberta into a post-apocalyptic Massachusetts. Check out the photos at the link below:

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Images have also leaked revealing the set after being transformed into Austin, Texas for the series’ pilot, which finished filming back in August. For those unfamiliar with the games, the prologue takes place in Texas during the outbreak while the remainder of the game takes place 20 years later, beginning in the Boston Quarantine Zone. Presumably, the series will flash forward after the pilot, picking up with Joel and Tess in the Boston Quarantine Zone before getting involved with Marlene and meeting Ellie.

The Last of Us has a reported eight-figure budget per episode, making it one of the most expensive productions in Canada. It looks likes a huge chunk of change is going towards making the post-apocalyptic world feel as real as possible. From the license plates, barbed wire, and desolate buildings to the looming threat of clickers, HBO’s adaptation looks to remain faithful to what gamers love about the franchise while telling a story unique to the show. Joel and Ellie will likely remain the heart of the series. However, the casting of new characters and implementation of new locations should transform it into something more. A premiere date has not been confirmed but rumors point to late next year.

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Source: Sith_Reaper28/Reddit

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