KUWTK: Why Scott Disick Is Feeling Alienated After The Kravis Proposal

It appears that Keeping Up With the Kardashians alum Scott Disick is feeling like he's on the outside looking in since Kourtney Kardashian announced her engagement to Travis Barker. Scott and Kourtney did have post-breakup years where they seemed to be thriving as co-parents. There was even a brief moment when Scott reintroduced the idea of getting back together. However, Kourtney clarified that Scott knew the requirements she had, in terms of what she needed from him in order to consider a romantic reunion. He was well aware he hadn't met those benchmarks.

Scott also recently called it quits with Amelia Hamlin. The split may have been impacted by Scott's efforts to nurture a jealousy-fueled bromance with Kourtney's ex, Younes Bendjima. Younes outed Scott for sending him direct messages criticizing Kourtney and Travis's public displays of affection. For Kourtney and all serious KUWTK fans, the DMs seem like the final chapter of Scott and Kourtney's narrative. Scott craved Kourtney's love and affection for years while failing to consistently show up for her as a stable partner. While Scott can be a great person, his inability to meet her standards is something that Kourtney now seems to accept. Kourtney has outgrown paying attention to Scott's antics.

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After setting stronger boundaries, Kourtney started dating long-term friend Travis and adopted a punk rock aesthetic that she now seems comfortable with. She has the support of her family, kids, and fiance. Even Travis's kids adore Kourtney. So, it's easy to see why Scott feels isolated, as he is the only dissenter. According to Hollywood Life, Scott also feels specifically betrayed by Khloe Kardashian and Kris Jenner. He thought they were rooting for him and Kourtney to be together, and is reportedly shocked that they left him in the dark when it came to the engagement. Since Travis popped the question, they have been entirely supportive of the engaged pair. At the end of the day, if Kourtney is happy, Kris and Khloe aren't about to deny her that joy. However, Khloe showed solidarity with Scott after Kim's Saturday Night Live appearance, proving she loves Scott, as well as her sister.

Scott might feel betrayed and alone in the world, but he is probably aware of how his own actions have created these results. While he is surely jealous that Travis is providing Kourtney with the stability and unconditional love he couldn't give her, he will need to accept the situation. Right now, Scott should focus on growing into a place where he can fully love himself without dipping into his self-destructive tendencies. In recent years, while Scott was dating Sofia Richie, he seemed comfortable as a co-parent and best friend to Kourtney. However, this chapter, like Amelia's, ended because Scott made Kourtney a higher priority than his girlfriend. Scott may feel resentment towards Kourtney since she didn't show the same loyalty to him.

Scott would benefit from finding happiness that isn't contingent on how Kourtney feels about him. Whether they get back together someday or remain apart, this is a lesson that Scott needs to learn. He has to find inner peace rather than expecting someone else to make him happy. Kourtney found peace while she was single or dabbling in the dating game. This allowed her to build a mature relationship with Travis, which is based on trust, rather than fear. Scott doesn't need to feel heartbroken. Hopefully, once the Keeping Up With The Kardashians Hulu spin-off releases, Scott will be in a better place emotionally.

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