Justice League Beyond is the Best Alternate Team Roster

The Justice League has had many different rosters throughout their existence, but the Justice League Beyond is the best alternate lineup. The legacy superheroes including Terry McGinnis’ Batman and Aquagirl are led by the team’s signature leader, Superman.

The DC Universe has been reimagined several times, with variant heroes and Justice Leagues in the distant future. Recently, Future State pitched a version of the team which included a cast of superheroes taking up the mantles of the original League. Led by the new Superman, Jon Kent, the group was a fresh take on DC’s star lineup. The current Justice League is also a subversion on the classic team, including heroes such as Black Adam and Naomi. While writers might experiment with different members and character dynamics to see what works, one iteration of the future Justice League is easy to get used to.

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In Batman Beyond and Justice League Beyond, the version of the team includes Big Barda, Aquagirl, Micron, Warhawk, a new Green Lantern, Terry McGinnis’ Batman, Superman, and a handful of other heroes on occasion. Initially appearing in the animated series, the team went onto carry their own title, featuring a new Flash, Danica Williams. Unlike Future State, the roster isn’t an exact set of substitute members, each meant to call back to the original team. When the League is composed of replacement heroes, they end up making fans wish that’s the roster they were reading about. However, each member of the Justice League Beyond earn their status and make their superhero persona their own. In Justice League #33 written by Bruno Redondo with art by Daniel Sempere and Bruno Redondo, the team assembles for a heroic panel.

Although the Man of Steel remains the head of the team, he is different enough from his younger self to feel almost like a whole new character. As a Kryptonian under the yellow sun, his age hasn’t put him out of commission like it has for Bruce Wayne. The age gap between Superman and the other Leaguers creates an interesting dynamic, making him a mentor figure grandfathering the new heroes into the team. Instead of taking on their parents’ exact personas, each hero offers a fresh flavor to the Justice League. As the son of Hawkgirl and John Stewart’s Green Lantern, Warhawk’s costume might resemble his mother, but he has much of his father’s personality.

The young Green Lantern, Kai-Ro, is a Buddhist monk, which plays a big part in his contribution to the team. While Micron is clearly a counterpart to the Atom, the Atom is a rare addition to the League, making him feel like his own hero. Similarly a counterpart to Wonder Woman, Big Barda provides a different dynamic from the Amazon, as a fierce warrior with a more alien perspective on the world. Mareena is Aquagirl, the daughter of Aquaman, who was only an associate member of the team in the DC Animated Universe. Similar to Terry McGinnis, she is figuring out what it means to be a hero. Even though he isn’t conscious of it, Terry’s Batman makes the Justice League Beyond feel complete, as every League needs its Dark Knight.

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