Is There's Someone Inside Your House Violent & Scary?

Netflix’s There’s Someone Inside Your House is the latest horror release from the streaming service, but how much gore and scares can viewers expect from the new slasher? Based on the 2017 novel by Stephanie Perkins, There’s Someone Inside Your House is a teen horror that sees troubled heroine Makani and her group of school friends stalked by a killer who uses each victim’s secrets against them.

Much like Netflix’s recent No One Gets Out Alive changed the ending of its novel source material, There’s Someone Inside Your House diverges from its literary inspiration at numerous points throughout the story. However, critics have not been kind to the slasher, with some reviewers calling it uninspired. That said, one thing no reviewer can fault the movie for is a lack of gore and setpieces.

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Despite being based on a young adult novel, There’s Someone Inside Your House is a gruesome affair that earns its adults-only rating. Throats are slit, heads are stabbed, tendons slashed and numerous victims are run through with blades onscreen throughout the slasher’s lean runtime. Like Netflix’s gory Fear Street trilogy, There’s Someone Inside Your House features plentiful violence that will stick with even hardened viewers after the credits roll. In terms of scares, though, There’s Someone Inside Your House is not quite so impactful. There are a handful of effective tense sequences in the adaptation, though, including a stellar opening and a pacy church chase.

However, these mostly occur early in There's Someone Inside Your House, and a lot of the later sequences strain credulity. If a murder scene needs the occupants of a house party to leave the venue en masse in less than a minute, that's a little too far-fetched to be truly terrifying. That said, while the film may not be as scary as some of 2021’s stronger horror offerings like the recent Candyman remake, it is as gory as that earlier legacy sequel and offers some fun - if thin - social commentary. The horror’s strongest scares are front-loaded, so viewers hoping for unrelenting tension may be let down after the halfway mark, but the bloody violence is ramped up by the finale which dispatches more minor characters than most recent slashers have managed.

However, these are mostly background figures with no lines of their own, and There’s Someone Inside Your House doesn’t have the ruthless mean streak of earlier genre favorites. The movie does kill off one character who seemed destined to survive but, by and large, it lacks the bite or creativity of its inspirations like Wes Craven’s Scream series. As such, the young adult adaptation is not likely to go down as one of Netflix’s best horror offerings, but There’s Someone Inside Your House does boast enough gore and memorable kills to satisfy curious horror fans.

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