How to Use the Duplicate Heart Glitch in Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has 30 hearts in total and 27 that players need to obtain by completing shrines. Every shrine will award players with a Spirit Orb, and 4 orbs can be turned in to gain another heart. The Spirit Orbs are also used to increase a player's stamina, and maxing out both is time-consuming and will involve solving difficult shrine puzzles.

Shrine puzzles can be as simple as finding the shrine or defeating an enemy, while other shrines are considered the most difficult quests in Breath of the Wild. Obtaining all 27 extra hearts usually means sacrificing stamina upgrades, but there is a glitch in the game that lets players duplicate their hearts. To use this glitch, players will need to travel to Hateno Village.

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In Hateno village near the entrance, there is a path between two hills leading down the Horned Statue. This statue will allow players to sell their hearts for rupees, then buy them back at a higher price. Players can use this statue to their advantage to get extra hearts until both health bars are full. The more hearts players have to sell, the less time it will take to reach 30. Using the Horned Statue, the nearby shrine, and a camera rune glitch, players will be able to duplicate their hearts.

After reaching the Horned Statue in Breath of the Wild, sell it as many hearts as possible. The process will only duplicate the number of hearts sold to the statue, so it will need to be repeated many times if players only have a few hearts to sell. Immediately after selling them, save the game. Then, buy back all of the hearts sold. This will cost an extra 20 rupees per heart, so be sure to have some extra when visiting the statue.

Head back up the hill and into the Myahm Agana Shrine for the next step. Go up to the apparatus and ready the camera rune. While standing in front of the apparatus, hold down ZL, then press L and click in the left stick at the same time. Delete the picture it takes and immediately pause the game and give Link something to hold. Unpause, then pause again, and Link should still be holding the item. If not, the glitch didn't work and the last step with the camera needs to be repeated. If Link is still holding the item, then the next step in the glitch is to view a Breath of the Wild memory. If the glitch worked properly, the memory won't play. Unpause the game to check if the apparatus and Link both be moved around.

The last step is to reload the save file players made after selling the hearts. Be sure not to load an auto-save file. Link will have all of his hearts, but the Horned Statue will also have the sold hearts to buy back. Purchase them to gain duplicate hearts, and repeat this process as many times as needed to max out Link's health. Having full health will make certain aspects in Breath of the Wild, like beating Ganon, much easier.

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is available for Nintendo Switch.

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