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Traversing the world in Death Stranding is an arduous process, and Sam Porter Bridges will often find himself running out of stamina and needing to recover. While this is easy to achieve in the rooms provided to Sam along his travels, players will often have to find ways to recuperate while doing deliveries. To be successful in Death Stranding and Death Stranding Director's Cut it will be important to manage Sam’s endurance and stamina levels.

Endurance in Death Stranding is the light blue bar that appears over the dark blue stamina bar when performing strenuous activities. Crossing steep terrain or climbing without using a ladder will quickly use up endurance. Additionally, holding Sam’s breath to prevent detection from BT’s also uses up endurance.

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Stamina, the dark blue bar, depletes slower but has longer-lasting effects. When running, traversing water, moving through strong winds, or facing enemies, stamina will slowly begin depleting. Over time, the right side of the bar will begin to turn white. This means that the maximum stamina available is lowering.

As Sam’s stamina lowers it will become harder to maintain balance, and he will become slower. Also, as the maximum stamina lowers, so too will endurance. This makes having low stamina very dangerous as failing to complete strenuous activities due to a lack of endurance will often mean falling and damaging cargo or being discovered by the dangerous Death Stranding BT’s. Endurance will recover quite quickly if Sam is not exerting himself. Stamina however requires players to actively restore it, through various means.

  • Rest in rooms: Sam will have access to various rooms throughout the game. Resting in these rooms is the best way to recover as it will restore the stamina bar to its max.
  • Drink From the Canteen: Sam can drink from the canteen at any time to recover a big chunk of lost stamina. To refill the canteen simply walk in water or stand in the rain.
  • Rest: Holding the crouch button will have Sam sit and rest for a bit. If resting in or near safe zones, recovery will be more effective. The flatter the terrain the better as it may also allow him to sleep, which heals stamina even faster.  By pressing the voice command during rest, Sam can also sing to BB to give the process a small boost.
  • Drink 3 Energy Drinks in Sam’s Room: In Death Stranding, the energy drinks in the rooms provided to Sam will boost the maximum Stamina by 10% up to a maximum of 25%. This boost will last until the stamina is lost, after which it won’t recover past the normal threshold.
  • Find a Hot Spring: Players can find several Hot Springs in Death Stranding, all of which will provide different benefits. A common effect among them, however, is the recovery of Sam’s health and stamina.

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Death Stranding is available on PlayStation 4, Playstation 5, and PC.

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