How I Met Your Mother: Barney & Robin's 10 Best Romantic Tropes

The most popular ship in How I Met Your Mother is the one that happened most unexpectedly. Robin was portrayed to be Ted's main love interest from the very first episode, and while fans knew she wasn't the titular mother, it was clear that their relationship was going to be complicated.

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Barney never wanted to settle down or be monogamous, so it came as a shock when he fell in love with his best friend's ex. Although the couple was never meant to last in How I Met Your Mother, it didn't stop them from taking on a life of their own. The sitcom used several romantic tropes when crafting Barney and Robin's relationship, and some stood out in particular.

After Barney and Robin's first breakup, their dynamic shifted. There were instances all throughout the series that implied the two still had feelings for each other, but it was up in the air whether they would do anything about it.

Viewers were hopeful that the ship teases were leading somewhere, as they even ended up having a one-night stand. How I Met Your Mother dragged the will they/won't they dynamic out for as long as possible, and they didn't get back together until halfway through season 8.

When Barney and Robin first slept together, they agreed that it was just a one-time thing. However, it becomes the catalyst of Barney's feelings for her and their deal obviously doesn't last in the long run.

Robin Sparkle's music video "Sand Castles in the Sand," is what led to their hook-up and it's also what played when Robin walked down the aisle. The use of the song during their two most significant scenes is an incredible full-circle moment in How I Met Your Mother.

There's a lot of controversy surrounding Barney's proposal to Robin, and, in actuality, it highlights the toxicity of their relationship in How I Met Your Mother. Yet, it was the most unexpected and extravagant romantic gesture anyone has ever done on the show.

The plan's success hinged on Barney correctly anticipating Robin's every move, and the fact that he was able to pull it off exemplifies how well he knows her. His proposal required weeks of careful planning and dedication, and it was meant to be the final page of the playbook.

Barney and Robin were friends for years before they dated, and unlike the women that Barney usually hooks up with, Robin knew exactly what she was getting into. There are no major secrets between them, and she's well aware of his past.

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Robin and Barney have similar personalities and always had fun together. They're the most chaotic duo in the gang and ended up going off and doing their own thing on multiple occasions. No matter how boring a situation was, Robin and Barney could count on one another for entertainment.

Their hook-up might be where Barney's feelings originated, but he didn't seem to become aware of them until much later. When Barney got hit by a bus and his life flashed before his eyes, he saw the thing that mattered most to him.

The gang assumed that Barney was bombarded by dirty images or the memory of his suits, but his face said differently. He agrees with everything his friends say to keep up appearances, and they don't notice Barney staring at Robin with a love-struck expression.

Robin and Barney were interrupted by a cell phone before they could have their rain kiss, but the series made up for it by letting them have one in the snow. After Robin accepts Barney's proposal on top of the World Wide News Building, they seal the deal.

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Shortly after the newly engaged couple starts kissing, snow begins to fall all around them. The scene was emotional on its own, but the setting and the soundtrack made everything hit even harder.

Barney pining for Robin in the fourth season was one of the best plots of the series. Whether viewers were on board with the ship or not, they experienced an entirely new side of his character.

There are several things about Barney that haven't aged well in How I Met Your Mother, and it was refreshing to see him express genuine emotion. Robin might not have been pining back at the time, but the roles are reversed when she realizes she's still in love with Barney during the show's later seasons.

Barney and Robin started sleeping together after they kissed in the How I Met Your Mother season 4 finale but refused to label their relationship. They kept what was going on between them a secret so they wouldn't be ambushed with questions about what it meant.

But even without calling things official, it was obvious that Barney and Robin only wanted to be with each other. It's easy to see why they didn't want the truth to get out, as Lily tried to force them to define the relationship by locking them in Robin's room.

The love triangle between Ted, Robin, and Barney caused complications for the entire group. Barney broke the bro code by sleeping with Ted's ex-girlfriend, which lead to a disheartening period of time when the two stopped being friends.

Once Ted realizes that Barney has developed real feelings for Robin, he gives him his blessing to pursue her. But Ted's feelings for Robin had never truly gone away, and watching her with Barney left him heartbroken. If Robin had been with both Barney and Ted in How I Met Your Mother, it would've saved everyone a lot of pain.

The majority of fans were unhappy with the sitcom's controversial series finale for two reasons, in particular. Not only was it revealed that the mother had been dead all along, but Barney and Robin got divorced after just a few years of marriage.

Fans who believed Ted and Robin were meant to be in How I Met Mother were ecstatic, as the two reunited after years of friendship. Barney and Robin shippers weren't so lucky, which is why the show released an alternate ending that seemed to imply their reconciliation.

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