Hot Wheels Unleashed: How To Get, Sell, & Upgrade More Cars

Hot Wheel Unleashed features more than 60 different cars that players can unlock, and nearly all of them can be either upgraded or sold. Upgrading cars improves their Braking Power, Speed, Acceleration, Boost, and Handling stats, all of which can help players win more races in Hot Wheels Unleashed. As soon as they find the car they like, players should seek to upgrade that car shortly thereafter.

Not every car can be sold in Hot Wheels Unleashed, like the starting cars that players receive from the first Blind Boxes. Duplicates of these cars can be earned laterbut these cars aren't meant to be anything spectacular in the long run. They can be upgraded, but players who really want a better vehicle should save their Coins and Gears to get more Blind Boxes and upgrades for better cars.

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Blind Boxes are one of the ways players can get more cars in Hot Wheels Unleashed. Blind Boxes can either be purchased for 500 Coins, or earned by completing certain races throughout City Rumble. City Rumble is Hot Wheels Unleashed's single-player campaign, and by completing the races and boss races, and finding the reward spaces, players can get more Blind Boxes for free as well as more cars. Additionally, completing most of these objectives reward more Coins and Gears.

Gears are required to upgrade cars in Hot Wheels Unleashed, and the rarity of the car determines how many Gears are needed for the upgrade. Common cars need 200 Gears to upgrade to Rare, and Rare cars require 500 Gears to upgrade them to Legendary. Legendary cars can't be upgraded further in Hot Wheels Unleashed, but they can be sold for 200 Gears or 1000 Coins. Legendary cars include the entertainment cars like the Batmobile and the Delorean from Back to the Future.

While completing races, time attacks, and other objectives rewards Coins, it's always a great idea for players to sell any car they don't want to use. Coins are used to purchase more Blind Boxes and other tracks for Time Attacks and Quick Races, and they can be earned through those quickplay modes as well. Additionally, it's more likely that players will find a car with better stats from a Blind Box or by completing City Rumble, so any Common car that doesn't feel optimal isn't worth keeping.

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Hot Wheels Unleashed is available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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