Halo Infinite's Spartan-Hunting Elite & New Enemy Type Revealed

Halo Infinite campaign trailer revealed Spartan-hunting Elite Jega 'Rdomnai, new Drone-like Skimmer enemies, and what could be a new Didact-like Promethean threat, adding to Master Chief's long list of foes throughout the series' history. Developer 343 Industries has unveiled new details about the latest installment of Xbox’s long-running FPS franchise in the Halo Infinite campaign overview trailer, which showcases the game's updated graphics, sandbox gameplay, and story about Master Chief's latest search for Cortana.     

Halo Infinite is the third chapter of 343’s Reclaimer Saga, a trilogy also including Halo 4 and Halo 5: Guardians. Picking up where the events of the latter game left off, Halo Infinite sees Master Chief being reawakened once more to defend the galaxy from a new threat: the Banished, a splinter group which formed from the remains of Halo's iconic Covenant faction and first featured in Halo Wars 2. Leading this band of rogue warriors is Atriox, a Brute whose larger goals are still largely unknown, but he seems to relish the prospect of facing off against the legendary Master Chief on Zeta Halo. He won’t be the only enemy in Halo Infinite either, as the Banished will be accompanied by new enemy types in addition to familiar foes.            

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On Monday, Xbox released a new Halo Infinite campaign gameplay and story trailer, which featured additional details regarding the upcoming title’s plot, characters, and enemies. Towards the end of the trailer, Master Chief’s new AI companion, The Weapon, explains he will be facing off against deadly new enemies during his latest mission. The introduction of flying Skimmers who zip around using jetpacks while carrying guns (possibly serving as gameplay replacements for Drones) was followed by a sadistic Spartan killer” Elite Jega ‘Rdomnai, who dual-wields red energy swords. Finally, the Chief apparently will find himself face-to-face with a mysterious new foe calling themselves the Harbinger of Truth, who proclaims that “the Forerunners’ lies are at an end” before blasting the Spartan across a room.

The Harbinger of Truth looks similar to the Forerunner and Promethean duo of The Librarian and Didact, but they could also be a Precursor - the presumably extinct race that preceded even the ancient Forerunners. Early fan theories also speculate they may a be a female Sangheili (Elite) based on their anatomy, but 343 and Microsoft have so far left the character's true identity a mystery.

The wait for Halo Infinite has been a long one thanks to its 2020 delay, but the Halo Infinite multiplayer technical previews, recently gave a first taste of how the free-to-play portion of the game will play. However, no early looks beyond trailers have been given for Halo Infinite's campaign, which is a premium, semi-open-world experience with a lot to live up to.

Skimmers seem like a basic enemy type which will appear alongside classic ones like Elites, Jackals, and Grunts. Meanwhile, Jega ‘Rdomnai and the Harbinger of Truth appear to be unique (and presumably recurring) villains, with the latter possibly being a third primary antagonist alongside Atriox and Master Chief’s former AI partner Cortana.

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Halo Infinite will be available for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC on December 8, 2021.

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