Halloween Ends’ Allyson Will Be Michael Myers’ Biggest Threat (Not Laurie)

Michael Myers was a force to be reckoned with in Halloween Killsbut in Halloween Ends, it isn't Laurie that Michael should be afraid of — it's Allyson. Though she is only a teenager, Allyson has plenty of reasons to want to see Michael dead, and she's willing to do whatever it takes to see that it happens. Laurie and Michael have been nemeses since the dawn of the Halloween franchise, but now, Allyson is Michael's biggest threat.

Allyson Nelson is Karen Nelson's daughter and Laurie Strode's granddaughter — and it's clear where her fighting spirit comes from. Like her grandmother, Allyson is a survivor. After making her first appearance in the 2018 Halloween reboot, Allyson managed to survive through Michael Myers' biggest body count to date due to some quick thinking and incredible bravery. Throughout Halloween and Halloween Kills Allyson comes face to face with Michael multiple times and lives to tell the tale. As Michael descended on the town of Haddonfield, however, he was helping to create his own greatest threat.

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It's easy to see that Michael has put Laurie through living hell — after attempting to kill her and slaughtering multiple people that she was very close to, Laurie suffered years of trauma-induced paranoia. Allyson has been through a similar trauma at Michael's hand, though hers is arguably worse — in the span of one evening, Allyson has lost three friends, her boyfriend, and her parents. Almost everything she cared about in her life has been stripped from her, and Michael is to blame for it all. Laurie has plenty of reason to want Michael Myers dead, but Allyson may be even more determined to see the end of Michael Myers — and, she's willing to do it with her own hands.

Allyson is also a bigger threat to Michael because she isn't afraid of him in the way the rest of her family is. Laurie wants Michael dead as much as anyone else, but she has also spent a majority of her life in fear of his return. Laurie is also recovering from a serious injury from Michael's earlier attack, which removed her as a serious contender in Halloween Kills. Karen certainly had moments of bravery throughout Halloween Kills — after all, no one unmasks Michael Myers and goads him on alone without some serious guts — but when Karen's instincts told her to take a defensive stance, Allyson wanted to hunt Michael down to end the nightmare night she has been through. She even boldly dares Michael to kill her while he has a knife to her chest, which seemed to throw Michael off just long enough to allow her to survive. Allyson is prepared to take the offensive against Michael, and she is quick to learn and adapt in her attacks against him — she even knew to keep a backup knife on her by Halloween Kills, which certainly came in handy during her face-off with Michael in the Myers' house.

At this point, Allyson has watched Michael terrorize her family for years. His attack in 1978 forced Laurie to live her life in fear, which led to an incredibly traumatic childhood for Karen. Allyson's entire life has been upturned by Michael Myers, and she is prepared to make him pay for what he has done to her family, her friends, and her town. As Halloween Kills is followed by Halloween Ends, it's Allyson who will be Michael Myers' greatest threat.

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