Green Arrow Has an Even Cooler Version of Spider-Sense

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Justice League #68

In the latest issue of DC Comics' Justice League, Green Arrow shows off a sense of awareness that almost resembles Spider-Man's spider-sense. However, Oliver Queen's power comes from his experience and skill rather than being any kind of actual superpower. In this new issue, Green Arrow is working with his other team apart from the League known as Checkmate, and he utilizes his extra sense for danger twice while they were monitoring Lois Lane's secret assassin brother.

In Justice League #68 from writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Scott Godlewski, the Justice League is wrapping up dealing with an attack on the Hall of Justice, the aftermath of which saw them temporarily at odds with the intergalactic protectors known as the United Order. However, it's later revealed that Green Arrow went off to join his other team Checkmate, a covert group dedicated to intelligence and fighting the darker group known as Leviathan. Recently, Green Arrow was approached by Leonardo Lane, the secret assassin brother of Lois Lane who needed Checkmate's help fighting off a group of Deathstrokes whose employer wanted Lois' brother to kill the Justice League. However, when Leo refused, they decided to try and terminate him.

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While Green Arrow and Checkmate were monitoring Leo's secret loft from a rooftop nearby and planning their next move, the Emerald Archer was able to sense Leo watching them. Oliver seemed to know that the new Lane sibling would be perched above them with a perfect line of sight for his rifle before he actually saw him (most likely because it's exactly where Oliver would be as a marksman). Likewise, after Leonardo explained why he was being hunted by Deathstrokes and his rejection of their employer's offer, Checkmate realized that if they could track Leo, so could the Deathstrokes. As such, Oliver's extra sense kicked in and he was able to save his team from an incoming RPG, anticipating and rightly predicting that an attack would be coming at that moment.

Oliver Queen's keen combat awareness is fascinating. He knew Leonardo was behind Checkmate because that's where any sufficiently skilled agent would be (such as himself). Likewise, this subtle but impressive sense sets him apart from his team, giving him a unique ability to pre-empt attacks from unseen enemies much like Marvel's Spider-Man and his spider-sense. Furthermore, Oliver's appreciation for lines of sight most likely makes him stronger with this particular skill than say Batman (despite the Dark Knight constantly being in a state of paranoia).

In any case, Green Arrow's extra sense of danger is really cool to see, and he was able to use it to great effect in this issue by saving his team. Furthermore, he's probably used it previously with his rival Merlyn in a prior issue of Checkmate. While both of them had arrows at the ready, nether fired seeing as how they were able to accurately read that the other wasn't going to shoot. All in all, it's a pretty cool talent that sets Green Arrow apart beyond his use of a bow in the DC Universe.

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