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The Court of Owls appears to be the true enemy of Gotham Knights and its heroes, who send Talons after their superpowered and human enemies, but who or what is a Talon? Throughout the Batman mythos, many characters have taken the role of Talon, acting as soldiers, assassins, and enforcers for the Court. Batman comics, movies, TV shows, and the Batman Arkham games reference different storylines concerning the Court of Owls’ deadly warriors. Gotham Knights may feature a familiar face to well-versed Batman fans and utilize new, twisted characters.

Gotham Knights’ Court of Owls consists of Gotham’s wealthiest, ancient families, who control most (if not all) aspects of the city. Though many believe they are a fairytale, influential members of the criminal underground (like the Penguin) understand their power to be a severe threat. Membership has changed over the years as various families rise and fall from power, but Batman stories rarely feature the Wayne family joining their ranks. Bruce Wayne has been invited to the organization several times in various movies and comics, but it’s unknown if Batman’s alter ego received an invitation before his death in Gotham Knights.

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Gotham Knights’ original reveal trailer shows that the Court of Owls has many Talons kept in cryostasis pods. Their exact numbers are unknown, but Talon assassins will likely be a common threat as players patrol the streets in Gotham Knights. Thankfully, most Talons are brain-dead zombies, acting as an extension of a lead Talon’s will. Several characters have assumed this role throughout DC’s various continuities and caused significant issues for Batman and his family. The identity of the Court’s Talon leader - assuming there is one - could hold dire consequences for the hero characters in Gotham Knights.

Perhaps the most notorious Talon is William Cobb, Dick Grayson’s grandfather and a frequent Batman villain in Court of Owls comic storylines. Born in Gotham in 1901, William Cobb spent his early life with his mother, barely making ends meet. His acrobatic and marksman skills earned him a spot in the circus, where regular performance could further improve his abilities. Unfortunately, this attracted the attention of the Court of Owls, who recruited William Cobb to become one of their Talons.

Like most Court soldiers, William spent significant time in and out of cryostasis to artificially extend his lifespan. As Talon, his responsibilities included eliminating threats to the Court and recruiting (kidnapping) other Talon candidates. As Dick Grayson’s grandfather, William Cobb could connect perfectly to Gotham Knights’ Nightwing and give the character his own story arc.

Viewers of Batman Vs. Robin never learn Talon’s identity beyond his former occupation as a Thief, but he proves to be a serious threat to both Batman and Robin. His emotional manipulation of Damian Wayne causes the child to reveal Bruce Wayne’s identity as Batman. Though in the DC Animated Universe continuity, the Thief Talon wipes out the Court of Owls to protect Damian, WarnerBros Montreal could utilize his identity in Gotham Knights to manipulate the heroes.

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While Batgirl, Red Hood, and Tim Drake’s Robin failed to appear in Batman Vs. Robin, the Talon swiftly defeated Nightwing and went toe-to-toe with Batman for several minutes. This Talon’s physical strength, intelligence, and ideology could give Gotham Knights players the perfect villain.

Perhaps unbeknownst to some Batman fans, Bruce Wayne may have a secret younger brother, stolen at birth by the Court of Owls. Adopting the cover identity of Lincoln March, COO of March Ventures (and a member of Gotham’s elite society) Lincoln worked to get closer to Bruce Wayne through wealthy social circles. Though he initially owes loyalty to the Court, Lincoln pursues his own agendas of freedom and power while unraveling the identity of the Batman. As Owlman and Talon, Lincoln matched Batman’s combat abilities and intelligence, requiring external forces to be ultimately defeated. If Gotham Knights uses Bruce Wayne’s brother as a Talon, it’s possible Gotham’s new protectors could be facing their pseudo ‘uncle’ figure.

When Gotham Knights confirmed Bruce Wayne's (and Batman's) death, few fans believed its credibility. DC, Marvel, and other comic book franchises frequently kill off beloved characters for shock factor and big stakes. Most members of the Bat-family have died in one universe or another, and Gotham Knights confirmed that Jason Todd (aka Red Hood) also died prior to in-game events. Though newscasts and Bruce Wayne’s message verify his death, players continue to be skeptical concerning Batman’s fate. It’s possible the Court of Owls orchestrated the circumstances of Bruce Wayne’s death after figuring out his secret identity and utilized their technology to make him their own Talon. Fighting their adoptive father and former mentor would be the perfect boss fight for Gotham Knights, as well as the ultimate test of the heroes’ abilities.

Despite DC’s many Talons, Gotham Knights could utilize a completely new character as their leader. Gotham is more unstable as ever following Batman’s death, and many new threats are emerging from the shadows to take advantage of the chaos. With Nightwing, Red Hood, Batgirl, and Robin forced to step up and protect their city, Gotham Knights’ Court of Owls could create the team’s first enemy.

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Villains like Mr. Freeze and Penguin faced Batman during his glory days, but Gotham’s new protectors have yet to meet independent, new villains. Gotham Knights’ Talon leader could fulfill the role of an original character, utilizing a similar formula to Batman: Arkham Knight’s Arkham Knight character.

It’s also possible the Talons could have no leaders and act as a mob enemy within Gotham Knights. The brain-dead zombies could serve as a self-regenerative force designed to overwhelm their opponents instead of working as significant, independent threats. If Gotham Knights’ combat is like Batman Arkham’s, enemies will frequently outnumber players in combat situations (except during boss fights). While the unfortunate reality of Talons acting as another mob enemy seems valid, the absence of a characterized Talon boss seems like a potential waste within Gotham Knights.

Though the Gotham Knights website suggests players have other factions to face besides the Court of Owls, early impressions of the game imply the Court may be the primary antagonist. While Gotham’s new protectors grapple with losing their mentor, father, and hero, powerful threats constantly await around the next corner. Gotham Knights is scheduled for a 2022 release on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC systems, with no specific release date identified by WarnerBros Montreal.

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