Game of Thrones Video Shows Kings Landing Burn In PS1 Graphics

The recent nostalgia for the PlayStation 1 era grows stronger with this new humorous makeover, which turns the final season of Game of Thrones into a PS1 adventure game. Traditionally, content creators tend to rely on modern video games rather than TV shows as a source of inspiration for PS1 demakes, but this video demonstrates an exception to this rule.

One of the most famous demakes of recent years is the iconic bathtub scene from The Witcher 3, recreated with authentic PS1 visuals. That particular cutscene from the famous RPG was already a popular meme, but enriching it with legacy graphics somehow managed to make the sequence even more hilarious. Clunky animations, giant pixels, and the unexpected inclusion of the card game Gwent were among the top reasons why the video struck such a chord with fans.

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Courtesy of talented Redditor alundbjork, the recent PS1-inspired transformation reimagines the final siege of King’s Landing from The Game of Thrones TV show as a legacy video game. A fake gameplay recording of this non-existent PS1 project shows adventure game mechanics featuring a random city guard as a protagonist. After barely escaping death from the dragon's fire breath, the hero makes their way to a ballista tower. While a nearby NPC bemoans his fate, the guard fires the weapon at Daenerys’ dragon several times to little effect. The creature’s health bar remains intact, and after a while, Drogon destroys the ballista tower together with all of its talkative defenders. The NPC’s sarcastic commentary along with the footage's signature PS1 aesthetics make the video a joy to watch.

PS1 demakes of beloved video games and TV shows aren't always made exclusively by the fans. Back in April, developer Remedy Entertainment shared a PS1 demake of its own game, Control, releasing a minute-long gameplay teaser to show off the ways in which the action adventure game had been sent back in time. Although visually it looked like a 90s game, the demake retained Control’s modern gameplay and character movement. This leads one to wonder what the game industry might be like if a game as fluid and fast-paced as Control had released back in the 1990s.

It’s funny how a silly PlayStation 1 reimagining makes the final stages of The Game of Thrones more enjoyable. Although an obvious exaggeration, the video hilariously highlights some of the show’s plot holes, including the part where King’s Landing’s defenses were seemingly absent during the siege. The scene, including the humorous commentary, feels appropriate for a project like this, and might leave some fans wishing for a full retro Game of Thrones experience.

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Source: alundbjork/Reddit

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