Flashpoint Batman Comes To Life in Awesome DC Comics Cosplay

A new cosplay takes a deep dive into DC's Multiverse, as Thomas Wayne's Flashpoint Batman stuns in an incredible image. In the photo starring cosplayer @chintasticcostumes and taken by photographer @brassrobot, a comic-accurate Flashpoint Batman comes to life, as his menacing suit and striking red eyes are taken right from the comic page. For fans waiting to see Flashpoint Batman make his debut in the DCEU, the cosplay is so good; it is basically a preview of what could eventually come.

DC's Flashpoint timeline was created when Barry Allen went back in time to save his mother from being murdered at the hands of the Reverse-Flash. However, by doing so, he changed both the past, the present, and the future by messing with the timeline. One of the most significant changes saw Thomas Wayne assume the role of Batman. Instead of Bruce Wayne watching his parents die at the hands of Joe Chill, Thomas watched as his son was killed - leading Martha to become the Joker in the alternate universe. Flashpoint Batman didn't have the same no-kill rule as the original hero and used violence as he pleased. In the comics, Flashpoint Batman tried to stop Prime-Earth's Bruce Wayne from being Batman, as he didn't want him to live the life he did. Currently, Flashpoint Batman is part of the Justice Incarnate superteam.

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On his Instagram page, photographer @brassrobot (James Helms) shared his incredible photos of  @chintasticcostumes Flashpoint Batman. Thomas Wayne's iconic red and black costume takes center stage as the red-eyed Dark Knight strikes a pose in the image. The details on the @chintasticcostumes suit are spot-on, as everything from his sharp shoulders to his chest plate to his Batman emblem are pitch-perfect. It's a super high-quality cosplay that likely took tremendous effort to get right. However, Brassrobot's photo and editing take the look to the next level.


The photo looks stellar. If DC Comics ever decides to do cosplay covers and there's a comic featuring Flashpoint Batman, they would be wise to call @brassrobot and @chintasticcostumes and get them to use the same look for it - it's that good.

Flashpoint Batman has been getting a more prominent role than ever before as a member of the Justice Incarnate team. There were also rumors the character would appear in the DCEU at some point - but those have never been confirmed. However, with The Flash adapting the Flashpoint storyline, Flashpoint Batman appearing in live-action now seems more possible than ever.

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