Finding Nemo Characters Sorted Into Their Hogwarts Houses

Disney struck the perfect balance between an epic journey and heartwarming emotion with Finding Nemowhich can comfortably be considered a Disney classic now. Apart from a vibrant oceanic world and some colorful terra firma, the characters of the fishy tale caught the attention of viewers the most.

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From Marlin to Dory, and Nemo himself, each marine creature had distinctive personalities, and if one were to drop the Sorting Hat on them, they would fit perfectly into the Hogwarts Houses that every Harry Potter fan loves... maybe if they lived in the Black Lake and Hogwarts, instead of the reefs of Sydney!

9 Darla: Slytherin

This fish-killing child is definitely Slytherin, and the bad kind. Her cruelty may be a product of her young age, but she is a spoilt child who has no respect for living beings, and has no emotion for the fish she killed because of her callousness.

Besides her disrespect towards life, she instilled fear in the hearts of the other fish in the tank. Darla rules with her lethal reputation which is most like the serpentine House.

8 Marlin: Gryffindor

Being one of the most likable characters of Finding Nemo, Marlin may not seem like a Gryffindor with his initial behavior of fear and paranoia, but his triumphant overcoming of his fears and swimming across oceans to retrieve his son cement him strongly as a courageous Gryffindor.

Besides facing challenges head-on, he is also a loyal, loving father who would protect his own with his own life, which is another trait associated with the lion's House.

7 Crush: Ravenclaw

This old turtle is no stereotypical old and wise character in the sea. He is definitely a hundred and fifty years old, which gives him great knowledge on the ways of the world, but he is a cool guy who keeps up with the times and adapts over the years, as a supremely intelligent being with a long lifespan would.

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Crush possesses great wit just like Ravenclaw, and everyone could learn a thing or two by just hanging around him, like Marlin did by watching him let the little turtles go out, explore, and learn from their mistakes on their own.

6 Bruce: Slytherin

The toothy shark is a source of some funny moments in Finding Nemo, but the hilarious shark has his light and dark moments, both. He possesses the positive qualities of Slytherin, namely creating lofty goals and having the ambition to achieve those.

It is revolutionary for a shark to want to go against its own nature to save fish, that were its food by the law of nature, but Bruce strives for greatness by being a different kind of predator. He is also the clear messiah of his posse of three, displaying his leadership skills.

5 Nemo: Hufflepuff

Young Nemo is only just developing his personality, which leans strongly towards the Hufflepuff side of Hogwarts. He is undeniably nice and is loyal to his crew in the tank because they helped him out as a newbie.

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In his best moments, he is confident yet adorable, and ready to make great sacrifices when possible, like when he risked his life to jam the aquarium purifier. He isn't a spoilt kid, and didn't ask for much from his father except for a fair chance to see the world, very much like the members of the yellow House.

4 Dory: Ravenclaw

Despite having a memory disorder, the blue fish is actually a font of knowledge, when she can remember that she had it, of course. She relies on information around her, but also her intuition to make intelligent decisions — nobody will know if she can actually speak whale or just used a gut feeling to get out of being inside one.

She is also clever enough to use her kindness to extract info from unwilling fish they met on their way to Sydney, which takes some thinking, and Dory also gave fans some of the best quotes in Finding Nemo.

3 Coral: Gryffindor

Coral may have appeared for only a short time in the movie, but her valor was unmatched throughout. Just like her partner, Coral would do anything for her family, so when the vicious barracuda came for the clownfish, she gave up her own life to protect her eggs, out of which one survived: little Nemo.

Loyalty and courage are the most prominent traits of Gryffindor, and her sacrifice was eerily similar to Lily Potter's actions in Harry Potter, who was also a notable Gryffindor.

2 Gill: Slytherin

The battle-scarred old fish is immensely intelligent, which many people discount about Slytherins, and his resourcefulness is on display when he devised several different ways to escape the fish tank, which none of the others could think of.

He has a cunning gleam in his eyes and also likes testing the mettle of newbies in the tank, like he did with Nemo. Sometimes his ambition got the better of him which almost cost Nemo his life, but he regained his composure and better intentions almost immediately.

1 Nigel: Hufflepuff

The friendly pelican is one-of-a-kind — his nature determined that he should eat fish, but his fairness and kindness won out and he became friends with them instead. Like a Hufflepuff, he liked justice to be served, and did his best to help Marlin and Nemo reunite when he had the chance to.

The benevolent Nigel is a true friend, and his pleasant nature and genuineness matches the traits of the badger's House perfectly.

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