Final Fantasy Fan Creates Colorful Icons For 35 Series Antagonists

An artist has recently created 35 different colorful icons of villains in the Final Fantasy series. With 15 mainline entries and numerous spinoffs, the series has presented many antagonists throughout the years, and some fans do their best to recreate their favorites with fan art. Final Fantasy is known for its games featuring rag-tag casts of heroes facing off against powerful villains who threaten the fabric of existence in their worlds.

This comes on the heels of the Tokyo Game Show, where publisher Square Enix has announced new games and provided updates on upcoming releases in a stream. New information on Final Fantasy 16, the next mainline game, is sparse, but the company did reveal a new trailer revealing Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin's release date. This title is an action-RPG spinoff co-developed by Team Ninja, known for its work on the Nioh franchise.

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On Reddit, user Old-Biscotti647 posted fanart with colorful depictions of 35 different Final Fantasy villains. This picture includes many of the main villains for each game in the series, from FF 1's Garland up to FF 15's Ardyn Izunia. The art covers the highest number of villains from entries 7 and 9, and when a Reddit user asked about it, the artist mentioned that those are among their favorites, 9 in particular. When also asked about missing villains, such as FF 12's Vayne Solidor or FF 6's Emperor Gestahl, the artist assured that those characters will be joining the roster soon. The artist also creates fanart for movies, TV shows, and other games, demonstrating them in the Instagram account platesandoatcakes. Recent games the artist has covered are Borderlands, Overwatch, and Deltarune.

Sharing fan art is a popular activity for many gamers. Recently, the Mega Man Zero artist created Metroid fanart in his signature style to celebrate the upcoming launch of Metroid: Dread. Many talented artists from all spectrums of fields like to share their love for their favorite games, movies, and television shows, and they often garner praise. It's especially interesting to see artists present characters or scenes from different games in their own unique style, which gives the art a different flair.

Whether it's official art, concept art, or fan art, people love to enjoy these works as they celebrate their favorite series. And Final Fantasy is no stranger to fan art since its first release in 1987. The series is also known for having crossover bosses, such as Final Fantasy V's Gilgamesh appearing across the series, as well as reoccurring summons. In the meantime, there's a lot to be excited about in the near future for Final Fantasy, and fans can bide their time by checking out art like this from talented creators.

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Sources: Old-Biscotti647/Reddit, platesandoatcakes/Instagram

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