Far Cry 6: Where to Find The Blood Drunk 1911 Pistol

There are many weapons to collect in Far Cry 6, including the Blood Drunk 1911 Pistol. Players will find this gun during a mission that takes them to Jose Castillo's Villa in the Madrugada region. Like many of the Far Cry 6 weapons, the Blood Drunk 1911 Pistol has special abilities that enhance Dani's combat capabilities.

The Blood Drunk 1911 Pistol in Far Cry 6 has three mods that, like the Zona 51 Rifle and other special weapon mods, cannot be changed. Firstly, the gun shoots incendiary rounds that are useful for clearing out large areas or damaging multiple enemies at once. The pistol also has the chance to heal players whenever damage is dealt, which gives it a good offensive and defensive balance. The last mod increases weapon damage to enemies when Dani has the high ground. To obtain the pistol, players will need to complete the "Napoleon El Pequeño" mission.

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There are a lot of collectibles to find in Far Cry 6, including Criptograma Chests and various special weapons. To start the "Napoleon El Pequeño" mission and obtain the special Blood Drunk 1911 Pistol, players will need to speak to Camila "Espada" Montero in Montero Farm located in Costa Del Mar. The quest will require players to travel to Sinestra and complete the mission to find the weapon. "Napoleon El Pequeño" can be completed without claiming the Blood Drunk 1911 Pistol, so it's important that players looking to claim the gun follow specific steps to find it. The weapon will be located inside the villa and players can loot it during a certain part of the quest.

After obtaining the "Napoleon El Pequeño" mission, players will need to meet Espada in Sinestra which is in the western gulf of Costa Del Mar. A cutscene will play showing Dani traveling on a boat with Espada towards the island where Jose Castillo's Villa is located. Upon arrival, there will be several guards to take out before entering the villa, so players should go in equipped with the best Far Cry 6 weapons available to them.

Inside the villa, there will be a room where a computer terminal needs to be hacked. The Blood Drunk 1911 Pistol can be found in a Yaran Contraband Crate inside that room against a wall. Espada will hack the computer, so Dani can collect the weapon while waiting for her. The rest of the mission can be completed by investigating the Leuitenant's corpse and rescuing the prisoners on the island.

Far Cry 6 features a variety of weapons with different mods and ability boosts that assist Dani in combat. Players looking to collect every weapon will need to obtain the Blood Drunk 1911 Pistol from Jose Castillo's Villa. The gun can be used to heal during battle and deal damage to multiple enemies with incendiary rounds. Far Cry 6 has a large map with many opportunities for exploration and the discovery of new weapons.

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Far Cry 6 is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

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