Ezekiel Goodman & Ashley Moore Interview: I Know What You Did Last Summer

I Know What You Did Last Summer is the latest offering in Amazon Prime's teen thriller repertoire, following on the heels of Panic earlier this year. The new 8-episode season premieres October 15 on the streaming service, dropping the first half of its episode in one go. A modern take on Lois Duncan's classic 1973 novel, which already spawned a popular film franchise, the series follows a group of friends who kill someone in a car accident on the night of their high school graduation. They think the nightmare is over after they dispose of the body, but their secrets return to stalk them the following year.

Created by Sara Goodman (who previously worked on Preacher and Gossip Girl), the latest adaptation boasts an expanded cast as well as a wider diversity of character backgrounds and relationships. Madison Iseman (Jumanji: The Next Level) plays twin sisters Allison and Lennon, whose relationship is forever changed by the accident. Ashley Moore (Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping) and Ezekiel Goodman (Rat Bastards), meanwhile, are best friends Riley and Dylan respectively - and their relationship to each sister differs vastly.

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Moore and Goodman spoke to Screen Rant about their onscreen friendship, complicated dynamic with twins Allison and Lennon, and advice for any troubled teens being stalked by slashers.

Screen Rant: Over the course of the first episode, we see how different of a relationship Dylan has with Allison and Lennon. How would you say he sees them both?

Ezekiel Goodman: I think that Allison represents to Dylan the only possible person that could really know him in his full humanity. Riley comes pretty close, but because of the distance that he sees that Allison has - because he sees that she feels so alone in the world in the same way that he does - I think that's his only hope for salvation.

I think that, on the other hand, Lennon is somebody who he thinks wouldn't even consider trying to see him. She's someone who sees through or past him, just like she sees through or past anybody.

However, I think that as we go through the series, we discover that maybe his feelings about being seen by Lennon are a little bit more fraught than they appear at the beginning of the show.

Ashley, Zeke hinted a little bit at the dynamic between Riley and Dylan. Could you talk about how Riley views Dylan and their friendship?

Ashley Moore: It's tough, because this is my best friend who I grew up with, and I cherish our friendship. But he's also someone that I've fallen in love with, and he doesn't know that. I'm constantly battling with those feelings and how to go about it, and it's really messing with me. It's hard to see him have eyes for another, and I'm just over here like, "Come on, dude. I'm right here."

Ezekiel Goodman: I'll also chime in to say that it was such a pleasure how Ashley and I got to work on our relationship a lot and really build a history of friendship together. There's so much chemistry and material to play with between the two of us that have made that relationship feel like a really free space to explore.

Ashley Moore: Yeah, he actually fell in love with me in real life. [laughs] Kidding.

Another issue you guys have aside from your interpersonal dynamics and unrequited loves is someone literally coming after you and wanting to slash you up. What advice would you give that group of friends if you could?

Ashley Moore: Run. Move! Kidding.

Ezekiel Goodman: I think that's pretty good advice. "You done effed up."

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I Know What You Did Last Summer premieres October 15 on Amazon Prime Video.

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