Exclusive First Look: Regarding The Matter of Oswald's Body #1 from BOOM!

Coming in November, the mind behind AMC’s Halt and Catch Fire Christopher Cantwell is taking readers down a darker kind of memory lane in his new conspiracy thriller Regarding The Matter of Oswald’s Body, and Screen Rant has the exclusive first look. Set amidst the tumultuous period surrounding the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963, Oswald’s Body will follow a band of unlikely but “useful idiots” as they set about their own periphery role to the crime of the century: handling the body of presidential assassin Lee Harvey Oswald after his own death at the hands of Jack Ruby.

The events surrounding Kennedy’s death have long captured the imagination of conspiracy theorists due to the perceived unreliability of The Warren Commission, the government’s official fact-finding mission established by President Lyndon B. Johnson. Attempts to unravel a possible web of conspiracy has been the subject of many fictional works, including Oliver Stone’s 1991 film JFK, Stephen King’s 2011 novel 11/22/63, and the 2014 graphic novel, The Warren Commission Report: A Graphic Investigation Into The Kennedy Assassination by Dan Mishkin, Ernie Colon, and Jerzy Drozd. Cantwell’s new five-issue limited series, drawn in classic pulp style by Luca Casalanguida (with colors by Giada Marchisio) seeks to highlight an overlooked aspect in the details surrounding Kennedy’s death: that his killer’s body may have been replaced.

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This first look provided to Screen Rant by Boom! Studios portrays the beginnings of this conspiracy, depicting failed law enforcement applicant J. Wainwright’s recruitment to a secretive team of miscreants that will include “a wannabe cowboy from Wisconsin, a Buddy Holly-idolizing (former) car thief, a world-weary Civil Rights activist ready for revolution,” as well as himself, with the goal being to “deal with the matter of Oswald’s body.” Check out the exclusive preview art below from the upcoming first issue, including variant covers by Ryan Sook and Jacob Phillips.

As far as crime drama is concerned, the details surrounding Kennedy’s death have long provided a fixation point for many conspiracy theorists, who have poured over every detail of the case hoping to find the key to solving the tragic event since it occurred in the ‘60s. Among many different theories, some of the more “out there” postulations include the existence of a shadowy agent impersonating Oswald, leading to his eventual famous jail-house declaration that he was “a patsy.” For this reason, some have conjectured that Oswald’s body at Rose Hill Park in Fort Worth Texas may in fact be his imposter’s. While there are very few facts to back up that theory, a comic book might be the perfect place to explore the idea of what it would look like if that were true.

What secrets await in this speculative, sorted story of secret, salacious slayings? Readers will get the chance to find out when Regarding The Matter of Oswald’s Body #1 goes on sale November 10, from Boom! Studios.

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