Every WandaVision Question Agatha Harkness' Spinoff Can Answer

Agatha Harkness is getting a Disney+ series, and here's every WandaVision question the show can answer. Marvel Studios officially expanded the Marvel Cinematic Universe to the small screen in 2021 thanks to Disney's streaming service. It all started with WandaVision, which starred Wanda Maximoff aka Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) and Vision (Paul Bettany). The couple was reunited through Wanda's reality-warping powers after Vision's death in Avengers: Infinity War.

Wanda's incredible power as the Scarlet Witch, transforming and controlling Westview, attracted plenty of attention and brought several new characters to the MCU. This included Wanda and Vision's nosy neighbor Agnes, played by Kathryn Hahn, who quickly became a fan-favorite part of WandaVision's cast. She was also at the center of some of the more popular theories about who the real villain of the series was. Of course, WandaVision ultimately revealed that Agnes was really Agatha Harkness, a powerful sorceress who wanted to harness Wanda's Chaos Magic power for her own plans. Agatha was successful in manipulating Wanda throughout the series, as she even brought a fake version of Quicksilver into Westview, but Scarlet Witch eventually defeated her.

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WandaVision's ending left the door open for more of Agatha Harkness in the MCU's future, and now it appears that this is happening. Marvel Studios is said to be developing a Disney+ show centered around Kathryn Hahn's character. Details on what it will be about have yet to be revealed, but it stands to reason that it could explore Agatha's life before, during, and after WandaVision. As a result, Marvel Studios can use Agatha Harkness' spinoff to answer several WandaVision questions.

Thanks to the mystery surrounding who Agatha Harkness really was, WandaVision wasn't able to really explore who she was in the past. The series showed a flashback to her time as a witch in 1693, where she was put on trial in Salem by the other witches in her coven. Agatha proved to be much more powerful than any of them realized, as she drained their magic and killed them all — including her mother. Her whereabouts for the next 300 years are a complete mystery though. If Marvel Studios is going to explore more of her story on Disney+, this is the place to show more of Agatha's upbringing if necessary. The origin of her powers and her experience being raised as a dangerous witch other people feared could both enhance Agatha's story in WandaVision.

Exploring Agatha Harkness' life prior to her witch trial would be great, but the spinoff can also reveal more about her life between that moment and coming to Westview. There are 320 years of Agatha's life after wiping out her coven that is completely unexplored. It is during this period of time that the WandaVision spinoff show can answer other questions about what she's done in the past and reveal if she played a part in any other prior MCU events. With Agatha at the heart of this MCU show, there should be plenty of time to devote to her past and giving audiences a better understanding of who she was before.

Since the setting of Agatha Harkness' Disney+ show is not known, it is unclear how close the series will get to the events of WandaVision. However, this would be a good chance to explain how exactly Agatha managed to find Wanda. WandaVision leaves this slightly ambiguous, as it only seems that she managed to sense Wanda's incredible display of power. This is a decent explanation by itself, but it raises questions about why Agatha was the only magical person to sense Scarlet Witch and pay a visit to Westview. After all, since Doctor Strange didn't appear in WandaVision to investigate, some more details on what made Agatha do so could be useful.

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WandaVision's reveal that Agnes was Agatha Harkness came with another major Marvel reveal, as she was shown to possess the Darkhold. The ancient and powerful dark magic book is where she learned about Wanda fulfilling the Scarlet Witch prophecy and using Chaos Magic. WandaVision introduced the Darkhold by showing it in Agatha's basement, but how and when she acquired the book wasn't explained. That's likely because it wasn't necessary to the show, but that can change in Agatha's spinoff. This could become more clear after Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness if it confirms Chthon's involvement in creating the Darkhold as he did in the comics. Agatha could've been given the Darkhold by someone else or simply stumbled upon it during the last 300 years. In any case, providing an answer to how Agatha got the Darkhold would be great, and it'd even potentially clear up whether or not this Darkhold is in any way connected to the one featured on Agents of SHIELD and Runaways.

One of the weirder WandaVision questions Agatha Harkness' spinoff can answer is how she had a magical basement in Ralph Bohner's Westview home. Wanda had full control over manipulating Westview's reality and updating the suburban town to reflect different TV sitcom decades. However, Agatha's basement in WandaVision seemed to be the one place that was beyond her control. WandaVision established that Agatha put runes in the basement to ensure no one can do magic in there, but how the basement came to exist is a huge mystery. Revealing that Agatha happened to already have a magical basement in the same place Wanda eventually controls would be too convenient, so a different explanation is necessary. Even if Agatha's spinoff doesn't re-explore moments in WandaVision, it could provide a solution for this question by showing her do something similar somewhere else in the past.

Exploring more about Agatha Harkness' past through WandaVision's spinoff show can also answer whether or not there is more to Señor Scratchy. Her pet rabbit in the show was subject to plenty of speculation due to his name. In the comics, Agatha had a son named Nicholas Scratch. Many wondered if Señor Scratchy was Nicholas Scratch in disguise, but WandaVision didn't include such a reveal. There were plans to reveal that Señor Scratchy was a demon in the finale, but the scene was ultimately left on the cutting room floor. Since that twist is not canon yet, there is still a chance the bunny can be Agatha Harkness' son if that fits the story Marvel wants to tell.

Prior to WandaVision's reveal that the villain was Agatha all along, there were countless theories about what other Marvel entity could be pulling the strings. The show never revealed that there was more going on beyond Agatha's own ambition, but that didn't stop fans from wondering if Agatha was getting some help. It's possible the spinoff will reveal Agatha Harkness has a past with Marvel villains like Dormammu, Chthon, Mephisto, or Shuma-Gorath. This isn't a necessary reveal for the show to make, but it is one that could happen depending on where the MCU's future is heading and connect Agatha Harkness' series to what happened in WandaVision.

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One of the biggest questions viewers had when WandaVision ended was what the future held for Agatha Harkness. After Wanda managed to defeat her in magical combat, she wiped Agatha's mind to put her back in her friendly neighbor mindset. Her future was left with a tease that Wanda will need her again and that Scarlet Witch will know where to find her now if she does. There has been great speculation that Hahn will return as Agatha in Doctor Strange 2 as a result. The news of an Agatha Harkness spinoff also helps answer the question of what happens to her after WandaVision. It can be in this Disney+ series that viewers get to see Agatha break free of Wanda's spell and go on a new adventure, or it can continue her story in other ways — depending on if the character appears again in the MCU before the spinoff.

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