Eternals Is Already Hinting How The Deviants Will Be Defeated

Marvel is already teasing how the Deviants will be defeated, with the latest Eternals hint coming from an unlikely source. Content speculation is reaching a fever-pitch ahead of Eternals' slated November 5th release date, with the final Eternals trailer posing more questions than answers across its 2 minutes 52-second runtime. Despite many of its main characters still being shrouded in mystery, toy production promoting Marvel's Eternals is also in full swing. LEGO announced yesterday that it would be releasing 4 Eternals sets alongside its Spider-Man: No Way Home collection on October 1st, 2021.

While exact plot points remain scarce, it is confirmed Eternals takes place almost immediately following the events of Avengers: Endgame, in which The Hulk's snap reversed Thanos' and revived half of Earth's population. This immediate surge in energy ignites an event known as "The Emergence," where the Eternals must reunite to protect the planet from their evil counterparts known as the Deviants.

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Yet despite its wider narrative being shrouded in mystery, Eternals is already hinting at how the Deviants will be defeated. In a bizarre twist, LEGO's new Marvel's Eternals set has confirmed the red Celestial in the Deviants trailer is none other than Arishem The Judge. The delayed Eternals movie trailer further cements this giveaway, showing a raging flood that aligns with Arishem's Deviants backstory.

In the Eternals trailer, a giant red figure with six eyes can be seen briefly, first in a close-up shot, before panning out to reveal the gargantuan size of the entity. While the internet quickly pointed out that the Celestial figure resembled Arishem The Judge, it took two weeks for any official source to confirm this, with validation eventually coming from an unlikely source: LEGO. LEGO's new Eternals sets seem to suggest that Arishem is not, in fact, dead, marking a huge deviation from the Marvel Comics canon. From the new Eternals LEGO collection, number 76155 is titled "In Arishem’s Shadow," which all but confirms the return of this omnipotent Celestial.

If this truly is the case, LEGO finally explained a puzzling aspect of the Eternals trailer's origins. Towards the beginning of the final Eternals trailer, Ikaris (Richard Madden) is shown fighting a Deviant in a prehistoric landscape, before the land is drowned with raging tides. None of the Eternals or Deviants (seen so far) possess water manipulation as a power, but Arishem's existence in the MCU explains the flood. In Marvel Comics, Arishem created a great flood to cull the Deviants, which helped the Eternals maintain balance on Earth. The Deviants were swept away and considered dead by the Eternals, but in actuality, the waters took them to the sunken city of Lemuria, which has been their home ever since. With the Eternals forbidden to engage in the Infinity War, many have continued to wonder how the MCU will create a credible threat equal to Thanos' Infinity Stones in Eternals. With Arishem in play, the MCU ushers in a Celestial entity capable of destroying entire worlds with a mere thought. While it remains to be seen if the flood shown in the Eternals trailer is by Arishem's design, his existence in Eternals spells trouble for the Deviants and the Eternals alike.

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