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Denis Villeneuve's Dune will release on HBO Max streaming one day earlier than expected, potentially hurting the film's theatrical performance. Based on the acclaimed sci-fi novel by Frank Herbert, Dune tells the story of the desert planet Arakis and the political power struggles fought over its supply of Spice. The film features a star-studded ensemble cast including Timothée Chalamet, Rebecca Ferguson, Oscar Isaac, Josh Brolin, Stellan Skarsgård, Dave Bautista, Stephen McKinley Henderson, Zendaya, David Dastmalchian, Chang Chen, Sharon Duncan-Brewster, Charlotte Rampling, Jason Momoa, and Javier Bardem.

For all of 2021, Warner Bros. has been releasing all of its biggest films for streaming on HBO Max at the same time as their theatrical premieres, drawing some harsh criticisms from directors and other industry figures. Villeneuve himself has said that Dune will be best enjoyed in a movie theater, and that he disagrees with Warner’s approach to its recent feature releases. However, due to safety concerns during the covid-19 pandemic, the hybrid release model has also had its share of supporters.

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Previously, it was believed that Dune would release on HBO on October 22 – the Friday the film was scheduled to premiere in North America. However, per Decider, the film will actually start streaming one day earlier, at 6:00 pm EDT on October 21. That means that the early Thursday evening showings that blockbusters have become accustomed to in recent years won’t even occur before the HBO Max release, making Dune’s streaming release truly simultaneous with its theatrical debut.

How greatly this change will affect Dune’s box office performance remains to be seen, but Thursday showings are a huge part of most movies’ opening weekend ticket sales. Giving viewers the option to stream as early as Thursday evening could drag even more potential audience members out of cinemas and encourage them to instead view the film at home on HBO Max instead. To those concerned about public gatherings during the ongoing pandemic, that’s great news, but Villeneuve probably isn’t too happy about it.

Even with the moved up streaming premiere date, however, Dune looks set to be a huge hit in theaters, and the extra numbers it does for HBO Max won’t hurt either. The film has received very positive reviews from its international premieres, and plenty of people will still want to see the story of Dune play out on the big screen, regardless of the streaming option. Plus, with Villeneuve already planning additional films, Dune will likely have plenty of time in the cinematic spotlight, even well after its initial release.

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