Does Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin Have A Post-Credits Scene?

Here's whether or not Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin has a post-credits scene. Next of Kin is the seventh movie in the popular found-footage franchise, but all is not as it seems. In 2007, the original Paranormal Activity challenged the industry, with its minimalistic approach to horror proving massively successful and forming its own horror sub-genre. 2015's The Ghost Dimension rebooted the franchise, with Next of Kin moving the film in a new direction.

Paranormal Activity films are well known for their intentionally amateur aesthetic — the movies don't necessarily feel like movies. Next of Kin puts an end to that, as director William Eubank is given more creative license than previous directors. Of course, several scenes callback to the famous Paranormal Activity found-footage style (most notably the return of night-vision), but where the previous movies were usually set in the character's home, this one is set in a rural area. It follows Margot, an adopted child who attempts to reconnect with her biological family, taking her to their secluded Amish farm.

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Viewers who stick around after the end of Margot's search in Paranormal Activity 7 for an extra tease will be disappointed: Next of Kin doesn't have an end-credits scene. Unlike previous movies in the Paranormal Activity franchise, Next of Kin plays some music over the credits. This is a final reminder that the Paranormal Activity fans are familiar with is long gone.

In some ways, it's pretty surprising Paramount decided not to add a post-credits scene. Many films are hellbent on following Marvel's footsteps and building a cinematic universe. It would make sense with the 2015 reboot if that tried and tested formula found its way to the Paranormal franchise. Furthermore, the final scene and twist feels like it was intended to be an end-credits teaser setting up Paranormal Activity 8. Having said that, Paranormal Activity 4 is the only film in this franchise to have a post-credit scene, so it's hardly surprising. The studio is taking the franchise in a new direction, which fans of the classic movies should prepare for.

The sequel Paranormal Activity 8 — officially titled Paranormal Activity: The Other Side — is scheduled for release in 2022. Given that it is supposedly set between Paranormal Activity 3 and 4a post-credit scene for Next of Kin seems a bit futile. It seems, then, that Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin's lack of a post-credit scene makes sense, as it's the furthest thing from the original films yet, so why try and set up a new cinematic universe?

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