Destiny 2 - How To Play Trials Labs: Capture Zone (New Trials Of Osiris Mode)

Learn how to play Trials Labs: Capture Zone in Destiny 2, a new Trials of Osiris mode that was released during week five of Season of the LostTrials of Osiris continues to be experimented on by Bungie in Season of the Lost, and the most recent change saw the Control aspect of Trials begin sooner than usual. After 30 seconds into a round, a flag spawns in the center of the map. This addition creates another objective for teams to focus on as they seek to complete a Flawless card.

Trials Labs: Capture Zone still features the classic 3-vs-3 elimination, and when three players of a team are eliminated the opposing team wins the round. Additionally, if both teams eliminate one another the round results in a tie. Trials Labs: Capture Zone still requires a team to win five rounds before winning the match, and teammates can only be revived by other teammates.

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The first round of Trials Labs: Capture Zone spawns a flag in the middle of the map that is available to capture 30 seconds into the round. Unlike the standard version of Destiny 2's Trials of Osiris, capturing a zone guarantees that the team will win the round even if all players on both sides die. The outcome of the first round alters the location of the flag in the next round.

Regardless of how a team wins the first round of Destiny 2's Capture Zone, the next round will always respawn the flag on the losing team's side of the map. From there, the losing team can either try to hold out and capture the flag or try to eliminate the other team. If the winning team wins this round, the flag will spawn on the losing team's side again. If the losing team wins, the flag will spawn in the middle of the map once more. The Trials Labs: Capture Zone flag moves accordingly with the team that lost the previous round, not the team losing in general.

The flag's constant movement requires players to adapt to its position every round. Furthermore, if the score is 4-0 and the losing team wins the next round the flag will spawn in the middle of the map. If the losing team wins again and the score becomes 4-2, the flag will spawn on the winning team's side of the map. Players will have to make use of several Season of the Lost weapons in order to form the perfect loadouts accordingly.

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Destiny 2 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S, and Google Stadia platforms.

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