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The insatiable appetite that Darth Vader has for killing Imperial officers who fail him once caused Emperor Palpatine to pontificate to his young apprentice that while Sith use their emotions as a tool to control the Force, succumbing to anger and hate too much can enslave them. However, Palpatine could have very well just been lying to suit his own ends.

In a comic set before the events of A New Hope, Vader is angrier and full of more unadulterated rage than what consumes him in the original trilogy, with the memories of Padmé's death and the Jedi's betrayal still fresh in his twisted mind. Vader unsurprisingly channels and expresses these powerful emotions by Force choking an Imperial officer for either failing an assigned mission or presenting an unpleasant report at the beginning of 2017's Darth Vader #8 by writer Charles Soule, penciller Giuseppe Camuncoli, inker Daniele Orlandini, colorist David Curiel and letterer Joe Caramagna.

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Palpatine quickly puts an end to Vader's tirade against the unnamed officer by first commiserating with his apprentice about the frustrations of having no formidable opponents. But he then warns that although these feelings can unlock the true power of the dark side, they can also enslave Sith should they allow their emotions to consume them. However, Palpatine then foolishly reveals his true intentions, divulging that he wishes not to rule over a galaxy of the dead. Palpatine later betrays his hidden agenda in issue #12 when Vader is made to believe a group of imperial officers are actively trying to assassinate him. He tells his master he can either kill all the officers, or a select few. Palpatine allows him to kill five.

In Marvel's earlier Darth Vader series that transpires after A New Hope, Vader is unable to punish any officers, not because of Palpatine's lesson that a Sith can become a tool of their emotions, but because he hasbeen demoted for failing to protect the Death Star. In Marvel's current Star Wars: Darth Vader book that takes place after The Empire Strikes Back, Palpatine actually comes to the conclusion that Vader isn't feeling enough hate and anger, and punishes him in brutal fashion.

What's curious is that Darth Vader doesn't heed his master's words in the original trilogy, most especially during The Empire Strikes when he essentially goes on a Force choke killing spree against his own men. Since Vader also performs a Force choke in A New Hope, something must have changed Palpatine's mind or allowed him to ease up in between the 2018 Marvel series and A New Hope. It's likely Palpatine changed his priorities as a result of the Rebel Alliance's formation. In fact, in issue #13 of the 2018 series, Grand Moff Tarkin belays a subordinate's plan to destroy the planet Mon Cala even though they are actively defying the Empire because, according to Tarkin, Empires should take advantage of and not destroy their resources without cause. And yet, in A New Hope, he commands the destruction of Alderaan just to demonstrate the power of the Death Star. That's not justifiable cause, at least, in comparison to his earlier beliefs. 

Regardless, could Palpatine have actually been telling the truth about how the Sith can essentially hate too much? Or was he just trying to rein in his trigger-happy apprentice before he killed everyone? If Palpatine were telling the truth, then he was willing to sacrifice his apprentice to destroy the Rebel Alliance, proving he really perceived the Rebels as a threat. Palpatine always saw Darth Vader as expendable anyway. It being true would also be intriguing because it means the Sith, whose power is entirely contingent on them feeding into their feelings, can actually doom themselves should they go too far, which might explain why the Sith continuously fail.

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