Daredevil Has Doomed the Heroes of the Marvel Universe

Warning: contains preview pages for Devil's Reign #1!

For the last month, Marvel has teased the Kingpin-centric Devil’s Reign, a new crossover event spinning out of Chip Zdarsky’s Daredevil run, and in a special preview for the first issue, on sale in print and digital December 1st, readers learn that Daredevil may have doomed the heroes of the Marvel Universe.

Kingpin is one of Marvel’s premiere villains, a ruthless crime boss controlling most of the East Coast. During Chip Zdarsky’s run on Daredevil, Kingpin ascended to the role of Mayor of New York City; the run has also seen Matt Murdoch, as Daredevil, imprisoned for murder. Elektra has become the protector of Hell’s Kitchen in Matt’s absence. She is currently contending with an army of Bullseyes, cloned by the Kingpin. Kingpin is usually associated with Daredevil, having been front and center of the classic “Born Again” storyline; Kingpin has also made life miserable for Spider-Man on many occasions too. Now, in Devil’s Reign, Kingpin is expanding his horizons, taking the fight not only to Daredevil and Spider-Man, but Captain America, the Fantastic Four, Iron Man, and the other heroes of the Marvel Universe as well. In a preview for Devil’s Reign #1, written by Chip Zdarsky with art by Marco Checchetto, Kingpin has a tense encounter with Daredevil, setting the stage for Devil’s Reign.

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The preview opens with Kingpin declaring his hatred for Daredevil, listing off everything he hates. As Kingpin monologues, readers see Miles Morales fight off an army of paramilitary officers, while Captain America looks on. Cap, however, quickly senses something is amiss and attacks the officers, freeing Miles. Spider-Man, Elektra, and Daredevil join the fight. Kingpin vows to unleash his fury on Daredevil and his friends, promising to destroy every one of them. Readers learn that Kingpin has been directing this monologue the whole time at Daredevil. Kingpin tells Daredevil he can stop the coming chaos by simply revealing his identity; Daredevil refuses and swings away, leaving the Kingpin swearing revenge.

The preview ends there, leaving readers waiting until December to see the Kingpin’s opening salvo against Daredevil and the rest, yet this preview makes it clear it will not be pretty. The preview is vague on whether or not the events involving Miles Morales really happened or are simply the product of Kingpin’s anger and rage, but it illustrates just how deep that anger runs. Time and again, Daredevil and his friends have thwarted the Kingpin’s schemes, and now Kingpin has had enough. How exactly will Kingpin attack them though? In a fair fight, he is greatly outclassed, despite his foreboding physical presence—how will he fare against the likes of the Fantastic Four or Iron Man? Kingpin is a master manipulator, of both people and public opinion—will Kingpin use his influence as New York’s Mayor to turn the heat up on the heroes?

If so, then the events of this preview are a harbinger of what is to come during Devil’s Reign. The Kingpin is going to bring hell down on the heroes of the Marvel Universe—and it may be Daredevil’s fault.

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