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In Curb Your Enthusiasmthe only reason Wanda hangs around Larry at all is purely because of Cheryl. She's close to Larry's wife but hates Larry, and that's what makes the dynamic so hilarious. Audiences can almost see her skin shiver when Larry crashes their girls' days.

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Wanda has appeared several times over the seasons, but it's usually for just one scene to call out Larry for being racist. However, there are a handful of episodes where she has a bigger role in the subplot and completely steals the episode.

7 "Thor"

"Thor" is one of the most memorable episodes of the series, as everybody begins to suspect Larry of having a hilarious obsession with big asses, and it all begins with Wanda. At the beginning of the episode, Larry drives past Wanda jogging and he yells out of the window, "I'd recognize that tush anywhere."

Wanda does what she does best, and she gets Larry into trouble with Cheryl by paraphrasing what he says. Cheryl asks him, "Why did you tell Wanda she had a big ass?," and it's up there with the best Curb Your Enthusiasm quotes. Larry then falls into one unlucky situation after the next that seemingly proves Cheryl's very suspicions.

6 "The Terrorist Attack"

Most recurring characters in the show may have their problems with Larry, but they're still best friends with the Seinfeld creator. But that's what makes Wanda so unique, as she can't stand him one bit. However, "The Terrorist Attack" is one of Wanda's best episodes because it marks the only time when the two stand a united front, but it doesn't last for long.

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Wanda explains to Larry and Cheryl that she got word from a CIA insider that there's going to be a terrorist attack in LA, and she advises them to leave for the weekend. Cheryl wants to stay, but in the only time Larry has ever sided with Wanda, he wants to get out of the city. The union doesn't last forever though, as the episode typically ends with Wanda angry at Larry for telling everybody.

5 "The Benadryl Brownie"

Wanda is one of the best recurring characters on Curb, and "recurring" couldn't be a more appropriate word, as she always appears in the same situations. Just like in "The Terrorist Attack," Wanda happens to be at the same restaurant as Larry when he's firing his electronics guy, who just so happens to be black. Not only that, but Wanda catches Larry fixing the former employee's tip too.

What follows is Larry trying to convince Wanda that he fired the man because he was bad at his job, not because he's racist. He uses the argument that his VCR never works, banging on the remote, but Wanda walks over to the VCR and turns it on first. Naturally, she then gives him her signature disgusted look and insults him in a way that only Wanda can.

4 "The Surrogate"

As Wanda is the go-to character to call Larry out on his inadvertent racism, "The Surrogate" is the prime example of that. Almost like a genie, she appears out of nowhere when Larry shoots himself in the foot. The first time, Larry mistakes a black man wearing a suit as a valet, only for Wanda to suddenly present herself and attempt to make him feel guilty.

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The second time it happens is when Larry locks his car just as a black man walks past it, which leads to Wanda hilariously explaining that "no black man wants that piece of s*** car." But what makes "The Surrogate" so funny is that Wanda isn't even nice to Larry when she wants something from him. For the whole episode, she's asking Larry to hand his producer friend one of her scripts, but it doesn't make her act any nicer towards him.

3 "The Bowtie"

Wanda has loads of great episodes in season 3 of the show, but she was the very best guest star of Curb's season 5, and "The Bowtie" is the very reason why. In the episode, Larry adopts a dog named Sheriff, which attacks a black electrician, and, of course, Wanda catches all of this happen.

This time, she not only vents her frustration at Larry, but she slams Cheryl and the dog too, ending the tirade by calling Sheriff "the Klan dog." But at the end of the day, the dog wasn't racist, but homophobic, as he attacks Rosie O'Donnell.

2 "Car Periscope"

The main narrative of "Car Periscope" follows Larry and Jeff considering investing in the titular invention, which is so good that fans wish it existed in real life. However, the subplot sees Larry trying to live a healthier lifestyle by having a personal trainer, but he's fighting over the same time slots for the trainer with Wanda. The way the whole predicament concludes is genius.

Wanda also has so many great one-liners in such a short scene at the beginning of the episode too. She explains that New York is haunted because Larry is there, and then says she's still at the same email, "IhateLarry." And, given how most of the show is improvised, it's a testament to how great of an actor Wanda Sykes really is. It's why she's one of the characters fans hope to see in Curb season 11, but as this was the last time audiences saw her, which was 10 years ago, it's unlikely.

1 "Krazee-Eyez Killa"

The celebrity factor is why Curb is better than Seinfeld, and the perfect example of this is in "Krazee-Eyez Killa," as not only does it star Wanda, but Chris Williams as the titular gangster rapper and Wanda's fiancee t00.

Though the engagement came out of nowhere, Wanda finds herself engaged to Krazee-Eyes, and Larry struggles with keeping the secret that the rapper is cheating on Wanda. The episode is a whole well of celebrity guests, with Martin Scorsese even appearing as himself too, as Larry is playing a not so intimidating gangster in a fictional movie directed by the filmmaker.

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