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Every character in Curb Your Enthusiasm exists essentially to react to Larry's actions and behavior. But Ted is unique amongst the other characters on the show because his reaction is usually complete disappointment. Where other characters are unsurprised by the way Larry acts, Ted, one of Larry's oldest friends, always holds out hope that the Seinfeld creator will change.

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Larry clearly cares for Ted, as he's always buying him gifts, but those gifts end up becoming problems and spark inevitable fights between the two of them. That's why it's always exciting whenever the Becker actor shows up, especially as he went from becoming a guest star to a recurring character.

10 "You're Not Going To Get Me To Say Anything Bad About Mickey"

Cheryl and Larry's relationship is one of the ways Curb Your Enthusiasm has changed over the years, and ever since she left him, he has always been trying to win her back. The ninth season saw Ted and Cheryl dating, and they're in the full swing of a relationship by season 10.

But in "You're Not Going To Get Me To Say Anything Bad About Mickey," Larry makes a bold move and sleeps with Cheryl behind Ted's back. Ted spends the episode trying to get to the bottom of what's going on, and it ends with him trying to fight Larry and ruining a wedding in the process.

9 "The Freak Book"

"The Freak Book" is one of the best episodes in the series because it sees Larry temporarily working as a limo driver and there's a guest feature from the tennis player, John McEnroe. But before that happened, Larry gifted the titular book to Ted Danson, who was massively offended by it and didn't share Larry and Jeff's same sense of humor.

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But what makes the altercation even better is that Larry invited an alcoholic limo driver into Ted's home and even argued with the Becker star over whether or not the waiters should wear bowties. The Seinfeld writer completely ruined one of his best friend's birthdays, and it all led to him getting booted out of the party, with Ted literally pulling Larry out by his collar.

8 "The Hot Towel"

The way Ted is always excited to see Larry and then immediately regrets even saying "hi" is one of the reasons why Ted Danson is one of the great supporting characters fans hope to see in season 11. "The Hot Towel" is a perfect example of this, as Larry essentially ruins Ted and Mary's anniversary, and it comes just one season after he ruined Ted's birthday in "The Freak Book."

To make up for the Freak Book, Larry gifts Ted and Mary a $300 restaurant voucher, and Ted is completely enamored. But it isn't long before Larry ruins it by clapping Sammi off stage when she's singing. Then, days later, Larry argues with Ted that he should have taken him to the restaurant as a thank you. They start screaming at each other in the middle of the restaurant, and it's the first of many hilarious examples of Ted's utter disappointment in Larry.

7 "Club Soda And Salt"

Except for season 1, every season of Curb Your Enthusiasm has a story arc, and season 3 has one of the best arcs in the series. It sees Larry opening a restaurant with Jeff, Ted, and several other Hollywood personalities.

"Club Soda and Salt" is one of the highlights of the season, as the gang has to desperately find a new chef for the restaurant within three weeks of the grand opening. Ted suggests his personal cook, and after trying his food, Larry is overwhelmingly insulting about it, leading to another one of their classic arguments.

6 "The Larry David Sandwich"

Celebrities feel like they've "made it" in many different ways. Though Larry is worth hundreds of millions of dollars and has created two hugely successful and beloved TV shows, it's the little things in life that make him the happiest.

In "The Larry David Sandwich," Larry has a sandwich named after him, which he loves, except that he hates the sandwich. He attempts to switch sandwiches with Ted Danson, who also has a sandwich named after him at the same place. It leads to a classic argument between the two old friends that gets completely out of hand.

5 "The Anonymous Donor"

Just like with "The Larry David Sandwich," Larry is yet again jealous of Ted in "The Anonymous Donor." Larry is being lambasted for donating to charity under his name, whereas Ted is getting all the praise for donating anonymously, even though everybody knows it's him. It's also that first time where Ted and Cheryl hint at their future relationship by flirting with each other, much to Larry's dismay.

"The Anonymous Donor" is one of the great Curb Your Enthusiasm episodes that never gets old, as there are tons of brilliant moments outside of the scenes with Ted too, some of which include Leon, another fan-favorite supporting character.

4 "Ted And Mary"

There are so many hilarious guest star scenes in Curb Your Enthusiasm, and although Danson has very much become a recurring character in the show, he was originally just a guest star. In fact, he and his wife, Mary Steenburgen, were the very first guest stars in the series, as "Ted and Mary" is the second episode of the first season.

The episode remains one of the best, as it's the first example that fans got of Ted and Larry's friendship that's built on bickering. The episode also sees Larry developing somewhat of a crush on Mary when he goes shopping with her. It's a running gag that has continued even in the later seasons, as it set up Larry asking her on a date in "The Pickle Gambit."

3 "The Weatherman"

Ted Danson isn't the main point of the narrative in "The Weatherman." The episode follows Larry trying to uncover a weatherman's scheme, as he thinks the meteorologist is telling people there'll be bad weather just so he can have the golf course to himself on sunny days.

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However, the subplot sees Ted refusing Larry time with his dog because he believes Larry acted inappropriately with Jeff and Susie's dog the night before. The narrative is completely absurd, but it's hilarious as Ted tries to skirt around the reason why he doesn't want Larry to see his dog.

2 "The Pickle Gambit"

Coming after a six-year hiatus, season 9 is one of the best seasons of the show, and it's still focusing on Larry's divorce from Cheryl. "The Pickle Gambit" is one of those classic Curb episodes where there are so many different things happening, only for it to result in an explosive and ridiculous finale.

Larry concocts a whole scheme involving men fighting over opening a jar of pickles just so he can sneak into a hotel to see what Cheryl and Ted are up to. But the funniest moment is at the beginning when Ted explains to Larry that he's going to date Cheryl whether he likes it or not, and then laughs in Larry's face when he states that he can then date Mary.

1 "Chet's Shirt"

The opening episode of season 3, "Chet's Shirt" is one of the best Curb Your Enthusiasm season premieres, and there is so much going on at the same time. The crux of the episode is that Larry sees a photo of "a dead guy" wearing a bowling-style shirt, and he likes it so much that he buys three of them.

Ted becomes obsessed with the same shirt, and between one of them being torn and the other being stained, it leaves the two of them fighting over the last remaining one. What makes it such a great Ted episode is that, although they have dated each other's wives and kicked each other out of their houses, simply fighting over a shirt is the saltiest Larry and Ted have ever behaved towards each other.

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