Breath of the Wild Player's Yiga Clan Stasis Kill Is Perfectly Timed

A player of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has impressed fans with their perfectly-timed Stasis kill, which brought down a Yiga Clan member with one simple and accurate maneuver. Yiga Clan members are some of the most frustrating enemies in the game, often appearing out of nowhere to attack players at very inconvenient times, but the player's incredible timing demonstrates how to bring down the BOTW enemy both quickly and hilariously.

Breath of the Wild is filled with different types of foes that can pose different challenges for the player. From Bokoblins to boss battles, there's no shortage of enemies throughout Hyrule, but the Yiga Clan members are perhaps some of the most unique. Consisting mostly of Footsoldiers and Blademasters known for stealing from the Gerudo Tribe, the Yiga Clan might sound menacing, but their penchant for Mighty Bananas makes them some of the game's silliest antagonists. The Yiga's love of the fruit is so strong that when in the Yiga Clan Hideout, players can distract members with a handful of bananas in what's one of BOTW's more memorable gameplay features.

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Redditor and Breath of the Wild fan lodovofbg demonstrated one of the most effective and funny ways to take down a Yiga Clan member in a short video. The clip shows the player has pre-prepared a boulder in anticipation of the battle, locking the boulder with the Statis rune and storing its kinetic energy, ready to be launched. In a case of perfect timing, the boulder hits the Yiga enemy the moment its introductory animation has played out, ensuring a quick and easy death. The Yiga Clan member was not-so-subtly disguised as a traveller, giving the player time to set up the deathtrap before engaging in combat. lodovofbg's clever use of the Stasis rune has impressed Reddit, with the post receiving over 11,000 upvotes at the time of writing.

Watch the video on Reddit here.

Yiga Clan members shouldn't pose too much of a threat to seasoned BOTW players as they're relatively easy to defeat, but their persistence and regular encounters can make them annoying to deal with. After players take down Yiga Clan boss Master Kohga, Clan members will show up even more frequently and with stronger weapons, which is where they can cause more issues. Preparing a boulder with the Stasis rune may not be the most practical way to deal with random Yiga Clan attacks, but it does offer a quick and hilarious solution to the problem.

Breath of the Wild presents players with endless opportunities when it comes to taking down their enemies. Creative fans have been using the game's runes, multitude of weapons, and environmental elements to orchestrate elaborate and dynamic BOTW attacks since the game first launched in 2017. Breath of the Wild 2, scheduled to release next year, is expected to offer a similar level of creative freedom, though Nintendo has yet to reveal everything the sequel will have to offer.

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Source: Reddit/lodovofbg

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