Big Brother 23 Players That Might Come Back For Another Season

The game has just ended on Big Brother 23, but fans are already hoping to see some of these exciting BB23 houseguests back for another season of the show in the near future. After a lackluster season of Big Brother 22: All-Stars, producers made several behind-the-scenes changes to its team and standard practices. For starters, CBS announced that its core reality shows - Survivor, Big Brother, and Love Island USA - would feature casts that were at least 50% BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) in upcoming seasons.

This new casting process was felt across all CBS reality shows in 2021 and fans responded very positively to the changes that were made. The Big Brother 23 cast featured many of the most exciting characters and strongest players in recent history. The casts of Love Island USA season 3 and Survivor 41 have been equally diverse and have also been celebrated for their inclusion of compelling reality TV personalities. It also really helps that the BB23 cast had many savvy and strategic players.

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With so much excitement behind the Big Brother 23 cast, as well as the great post-season era they've been giving the fans, there's little to no doubt that many of these players will be brought back someday for another chance to play this game. It might still be too early to talk about BB24 or any future season of the show, but certain BB23 contestants are already destined to come back to the show one day.

After so much acclaim from the fans and a truly fantastic edit on Big Brother 23, it is pretty clear that Derek Xiao is being set up to come back to compete on the show in the future. Despite only seeing two seasons of Big Brother prior to BB23, Derek X. was one of the best competitors in the house this year. Now, Derek X. himself teased an All-Stars comeback on social media. He wrote in an Instagram post, "I'll keep my fingers crossed for that redemption season." Then, in an Instagram Story, Derek X. expressed his desire to get cast in a season of All-Stars. It is unlikely that producers will greenlight another All-Stars edition anytime soon, but Derek X. seems like a shoo-in to be brought back as a returning houseguest during a future regular season of Big Brother.

As the current titleholder of America's Favorite Houseguest, Tiffany Mitchell is another very obvious choice to be brought back to compete on Big Brother. After the cast announcement, some viewers wondered how a 40-year-old phlebotomist would do in a house filled with young and athletic players. But Tiffany created the Cookout's mastermind plan on BB23, which makes her one of the best players and strategists of the season. It also helps that Tiffany was pure reality TV gold - not only in the main episodes on CBS but also in the BB23 live feeds. She was charismatic, smart, dynamic, hilarious, and sometimes unpredictable, which is exactly what any fan of reality TV could ask for. Tiffany also loves the game of Big Brother, which means that she'd probably compete again if she's ever asked.

Christian Birkenberger was one of the "meatheads" that Brandon Frenchie intended to target in the first week of Big Brother 23. However, winning the week one Wildcard competition guaranteed Christian safety and took him out of that tricky spot. This gave him time to develop a showmance with Alyssa Lopez in the house. Alas, Christian's crown jewel is his competition wins. Besides almost winning the first HOH competition and winning that first Wildcard comp, Christian also won one HOH comp and two Power of Veto comps. In the end, Christian was deliberately targeted by HOH Derek X. for being a threatening comp beast in the game. Some fans mentioned that Christian would be a great contestant on shows like Survivor or MTV's The Challenge, but he might also be asked to play Big Brother again someday.

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21-year-old Hannah Chaddha started making Big Brother 23 history after she was cast as the first-ever houseguest on the show to be born in the 2000s. As someone with multiple academic achievements prior to BB23, Hannah seemed destined to fall into the category of "nerdy" player in the vein of BB14 winner Ian Terry and BB17 winner Steve Moses. But besides Hannah's photographic memory and mind-blowing intelligence, she also proved that her game could easily go off-book. Hannah's social game helped her lie to Brent Champagne that he was safe for a full week, convince Christian that she wasn't his best target, and lay under the radar despite being a very smart superfan of the show. Hannah could easily be invited by producers to play Big Brother a second time. Considering her love of the game and young age, Hannah might just say yes to that invitation in the future.

It was heartbreaking for fans to watch Tiffany and Claire Rehfuss breaking their Big Brother 23 partnership once Claire became the only non-Cookout player left in the house that Tiffany, as HOH, could target that week. Alas, Claire completely understood Tiffany's point of view and the mission of the Cookout. Even in her exit interview with Julie Chen, a teary-eyed Claire reiterated how important it was for the Cookout alliance to fulfill its mission this year. Considering her young age, her love of the show, and her devastating but meaningful eviction from BB23, Claire also feels like a shoo-in to come back onto the show in the near future. Under any other circumstance, Claire would have gotten farther into the game along with Tiffany, so many fans will agree that she should get a redemption season someday.

Aside from the great overall season turned out to be, the BB23 cast's post-season era has been equally as exciting and wonderful for fans to keep up with. From run-ins with Bachelor Nation contestants to the Cookout living with Todrick Hall for a week to Christian and Alyssa keeping fans on their toes when it comes to their post-show showmance, this has been quite an eventful post-season phase of the show. The Big Brother 23 cast truly is the cast that keeps on giving, which is another reason why a lot of these players will likely be asked to compete again on the show in the future. Maybe producers aren't ready for another All-Stars, but bringing back a handful of houseguests is nothing new to this series.

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