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While the Big Brother house isn't usually without the odd conflict, whether it's one of the best fights on Big Brother, someone who feels betrayed, houseguests not getting along, or emotions running high, the situations are usually pretty tame.

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But in some cases, players reach a next level that is uncalled for, whether it's lying about something terrible or even threatening physical violence. Indeed, if a situation looked like it might go too far, production stepped in. Still, there are a few times throughout the series' history where a houseguest over-stepped boundaries.

10 Kyland During Final Four Eviction (Season 23)

It was completely understandable that Kyland would be upset and feel betrayed that Xavier sent him home in the final four. He and Xavier had a final alliance together and Kyland even took Xavier off the block, the week prior, to save him.

However, Kyland's words and actions were uncalled for, namely questioning whether Xavier was a good role model to his nephew by going back on his word. Xavier had recently lost his brother and expressed to others in the house that he wanted to win to help fulfill a promise to help care for his nephew, so it was completely inappropriate for Kyland to bring a child into his argument.

9 Chima Simone Throwing Her Mic Pack (Season 11)

Another reaction that was understandable given the circumstances, Chima was working hard to fight with the underdogs against the dominant alliance in the house. When she won HoH, things were looking up. When she made her nominations, it seemed power might finally be shifting. But then, the Coup d'Etat power was used by Jeff in one of the best veto plays in Big Brother history.

Chima got so upset at her HoH being overtaken that she stormed off in anger, cursing and talking negatively about production. But she took things too far when she threw her mic pack into the pool, ruining a very expensive piece of equipment. It's no surprise that both damaging it and removing it from her body in the first place, which is against the rules, led to her eviction.

8 Josh With Pots And Pans (Season 19)

It's surprising that Josh emerged victorious on his season, given how much drama he caused in the house. But in the end, he was not only chosen because the jury disliked Paul Abrahamian and the way he played, but also because Josh made some strategic moves in the end that earned him some votes.

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But his most iconic scene was when Josh traipsed through the house, banging pots and pans in the air and yelling in order to annoy his enemies, most notably Mark. The argument almost turned physical, but producers stepped in.

7 Scott Weintraub Throwing Chairs (Season 4)

In another instance of physical violence, Scott reacted so poorly to his season's twist that saw his ex-girlfriend surprise him in the game. He barely made it a week and became the second person to be ejected that season, and one of only a handful of people to have ever been ejected from the game to this day.

He had a massive temper tantrum, throwing chairs around. It was one thing to be disappointed by the twist, but he took it too far.

6 Frank Eudy With The Women (Season 15)

One of the times Big Brother dealt with serious issues was when Frank was called out on camera and by viewers of the live feeds for the way he was treating women on his season. While he had reportedly said some unsavory comments about women's bodies in the house during the live feeds, it was on the aired episode where Da'Vonne stood up for herself and told her she didn't appreciate him constantly slapping her backside.

Frank knew he was in the wrong and apologized profusely for his behavior. But before his actions and words were pointed out to him, he went too far.

5 Shannon With The Toothbrush (Season 2)

Shannon was understandably upset when she was nominated for eviction by Hardy. But she took things to a despicable and literally dirty level when she took his toothbrush and used it to scrub the toilet in the bathroom.

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Production stepped in given the health concerns of Hardy potentially putting that toothbrush back into his mouth. Shannon was not only forced to apologize to him (during which she lied and pretended it had accidentally fallen in the toilet), she also had to pay for a new toothbrush.

4 Willie Hantz And The Physical Confrontation (Season 14)

Willie Hantz, brother of Russell Hantz, one of the villains fans loved on Survivor, had a temper like his brother. He frequently got into fights with people in the house, including Chima, who confronted him in an effort to defend others.

He finally took it too far when he got up close to another houseguest, Joe, and the words they exchanged made it seem like it could turn physical. Indeed, Willie was antagonizing Joe, hoping he would punch him. Finally, when Willie used his hands, production had enough and removed Willie from the game before anything worse happened.

3 Houseguests Abandoning Frankie (Season 16)

Frankie was a strong player who seemed to take the abandonment in stride. Nonetheless, houseguests went too far when, believing that he had been playing everyone and upset about his big secret (about being the half-brother of pop star Ariana Grande), the entire house banded together to get him out.

The veto competition was to be played in pairs, but Caleb purposely sat out of the competition, willing to put himself on the block just to ensure Frankie went home. The joke was on them, though, as Frankie won a two-person competition on his own anyway.

2 Jenn Johnson And Dick Donato's Fight (Season 8)

Jenn was not very well-liked on her season and came across as selfish and arrogant, such as when she cried about her memory wall photo, claiming it was a bad photo. She also wore clothing that focused on herself, like shirts with the word "Jenius." So, it's no surprise that Dick Donato, one of Big Brother's most outspoken and chaotic players, confronted her more than once. The pair butted heads all season long.

But things went too far when they had a big blowout that included destroyed cigarettes, smoke blown in her face, and Dick pointing a cigarette at her as she swatted it away, leading to her hand getting burned. Jenn, meanwhile, knowing she was getting evicted, made a scene of eating a turkey burger when she was supposed to be on slop, earning herself a penalty and degrading the game's integrity.

1 Justin Sebik And The Knife (Season 2)

It's one of the most jaw-dropping scenes ever in Big Brother and one that had fans questioning why Justin wasn't ejected from the game before that moment. Throughout the season, he caused a lot of conflict in the house.

But he took things too far when, while intoxicated, Justin held a knife up to another houseguest's neck and threatened her. He claimed in his expulsion interview after the incident that it was a joke, but it didn't matter: the act was too far.

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